Hiya, I’m Savannah!


Thanks for stopping by and welcome to justsavxnnah, my little space on the internet. I started this blog out of curiosity back in 2010 (IKR?!) and ever since I fell in love with creating content, sharing my points of view and getting to know all of you!

As you can imagine I was very young when I first started, hence as I grew older the topics on this blog matured with me. Now, you can find a (somewhat) balanced mix of fashion, lifestyle, travel, natural hair, diversity and popular culture on this blog. I have always had a curious mind that is incapable of focusing on just one thing at the time. I very much like to be the busy bee…

That is why you will often find me juggling my marketing & pr day job with the glitter and glamour of blogging opportunities. Although it can get quite hectic at times, I do feel like I am truly living the best of both worlds!

Lots of love,