Viking’s Shakespeare Day celebration

Next week, on April 23 we celebrate Shakepeare Day! To get us in the mood, Viking kindly invited me to a lovely evening filled with poetry, calligraphy and delicious food.

Shakespeare cut-out  Man playing instrument

The event was held in Bull & Gate, a beautiful pub in North London that does the best fries I’ve ever had! They were super crispy on the outside and deliciously fluffy on the inside. Literally a foodie’s must-try!

Savannah and Ana cheers-ing

We were welcomed upstairs in a private event space, where the scene was truly set to transport us to Shakespearian times. After a short networking/taking pics for the gram session we were divided into two groups to start the activities planned for the evening.


Calligraphy example and set

Bull & Gate food

First up was a calligraphy session, that I was excited to try but somehow had a feeling would not be something I’m particularly good at. Oh was I right. My handwriting is all over the place, inconsistent, rushed, basically the opposite of what is needed to be good at calligraphy.

Tajinder, Savannah and Ana giving calligraphy a go

Dani wrote her name and mine (Savannah) in calligraphy

Dani kindly wrote my name for me, because obviously I couldn’t do it myself!

You can imagine I wasn’t shocked at all to find out that my calligraphy skills are beyond pathetic. However, it was good fun giving it a go and we were all kindly gifted a calligraphy set so I can practise even more at home!

Sonnet writing

Ana, Savannah and Tajinder writing a sonnet

After my massive calligraphy failure, it was our turn to write sonnets. Something I had never done before but was very excited to try! Although it was a bit challenging to stick to the rules and write something beautiful, especially since English is not my native language, I really enjoyed it.

The sonnet I wrote is definitely not good enough to share with you on the blog though! Maybe next time?

Thanks so much to Jenny for inviting me to this lovely and educational evening!

Lots of love,