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Being a blogger is hard work, although most of us make it look easy. When I am not posting, I am constantly working on things behind the scenes. But photography is probably the most time-consuming aspect of blogging.

Outfit photo

This is why I am always looking for new tips and tricks to improve my photography and direction. Because, most of the times I will be on the other end of the camera! I am currently also looking for a camera upgrade, and have my eyes on this (Professional) Full Frame Mirrorless Camera. 

So, how do I take pictures for my blog you ask?

Find a photography buddy

I find it a lot easier to take pictures with someone else, usually this will be my mum, another blogger, a photographer or a patient friend. However, it does add extra pressure as you have to adapt your schedule to theirs. Especially when you are on tight deadlines, this is not ideal…

Because I like to keep it simple and natural, I usually take pictures on the go on my iPhone 8 Plus. These are the kind of photo shoots that take five minutes, leave me with 30 pictures to choose from. But really, none of them are ‘Gram-worthy.

Other times, I will block out a morning or afternoon to shoot multiple outfits. These kind of photo shoots are the most stressful. Only because I have to pre-pack a selection of looks down to the last details of accessories and make-up and find different locations so my photos will not be too repetitive. You can imagine I am normally knackered by the end of it!

Working with photographers is so helpful, because it takes away a lot of pressure. When I don’t work with a photographer or blogger I usually have to become a director as well and give instructions. These will usually insure that I get the right shot, with the least amount of people, cars and anything else that can be distracting from the main focus point.

Search for the perfect location

I wrote a post a while ago about the many struggles of doing photo shoots. One of them is definitely finding the perfect location. I respect bloggers that search for Instagram locations to match their outfits to the background. These locations are often so busy that you have to get there as early as possible. We’re talking 6 AM early…

Outfit photo

Let’s be real, I’m not a morning person so that is never going to work for me! Luckily, my personal preference goes to more neutral backdrops. That’s why most of my pictures will be taken in pretty streets, in front of pretty houses or just anywhere that isn’t too busy.

It also makes things a lot easier when shooting on the go. If I happen to pass a street I like, I’ll quickly take a few pictures and continue with whatever we were doing before. When it comes to actual photo shoots I will choose an area that is very quaint like Chelsea or Covent Garden.

Edit the pictures in Lightroom

Another very important thing, if not the most important, when it comes to photography is editing. You could literally take the darkest photo and still make it work after a couple of retouches. I recently purchased a subscription to Adobe Lightroom and am still learning how to properly use it.

Photography and editing are definitely not my strongest skills when it comes to blogging, but I am trying to improve by reading blogger tips and watching YouTube videos. You will need quite a bit of patience to edit properly, something that I just don’t have enough of!

One thing I would love to learn is how to edit people or objects out of an image. Imagine a photobomb-free photo at some of the busiest sights. If only! Gotta keep practising Savannah!

Don’t forget to compress them!

Before uploading your images don’t forget to compress them. This will help load your page a lot quicker, and will in turn reduce your bounce rate. This is the percentage of users that leave the website without taking any second action (like clicking to another page).

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Compressing images will also help increase your dwell time. That is the time a user spends on your website. If your images are really big in size they will take a while to load. Unfortunately we live in a time where most people are impatient and will not wait to see what you’ve got to show them.

I compress my images on my MacBook, but there are many sites that let you upload your images for free and will reduce the file size.


Some bloggers even take it a step further by taking pictures on self-timer. This is ideal when you are on a tight schedule and can’t wait for someone to help you out. Or when you are out and about by yourself and want to take a full-body picture.

Outfit photo

I saw a girl do this when I was in New York. She placed her phone on a bench at an angle and took a few steps backwards to start posing. Her backdrop was a beautiful row of  Manhattan buildings in front of Central Park. I was browsing the city by myself that day and wished I was brave enough to do that too!

In the past, I’ve tried to take a few selfies on self-timer but I am really bad at it. Maybe I should give the full-body shots a go!

How do you take pictures?

Lots of love,