London Fashion Week Part 2

Seems like my #FashionFebruary series is continuing well into March, but life happens! Today we’re picking it up where the first part of my LFW diary ended. Are you ready for even more adventures and fashion? Good, so am I!


Sunday was a beautiful day, although a bit chilly it was mostly dry with the occasional sun rays. We couldn’t complain. Only we ended up complaining a lot. About various things, but mostly about being extremely fatigued. It was fun though, I promise!

11.00 – Junne

Up for another early start to get ahead in the London Fashion Week queue. Junne did not disappoint as the collection demonstrated that metallic can be daywear, without question. It was a beautiful and colourful collection that left me instantly wanting to add a little more colour to my autumn/winter wardrobe.

12-00 – I am Chen / A-Jane

Then we were off to queue for the next catwalk followed directly by a presentation. Busy times indeed. So busy, in fact, that I completely forgot what day it was and what we were waiting for when trying to capture the moment.

I am Chen was another beautifully colourful knitted collection that will brighten up everyone’s autumn/winter. I particularly loved the colour blocking that seemed to make an appearance in most of the looks. By the time the show finished I had to rush outside to avoid toilet queues and get a table at trusted old Itsu for our short lunch break. So unfortunately I didn’t end up seeing A-Jane’s presentation.

12.30 – 13.30 Lunch break

As I mentioned before, it was less than an hour lunch break as we had to obviously queue for the next show well before it started. It was plenty time to grab a bit, charge the phones and rest the legs for a bit though.

13.30 – Ones to Watch

Four up and coming brands that certainly did not disappoint. This was definitely one of my favourite catwalks as the designers were all so different. I particularly loved the collection by 1×1, as it was futuristic with interesting 3D shapes and all made by knitwear. Casual meets cool. I love it!

15.00 – Kalissi

This collection is called Roial and is a tribute to the Austrian Empress Sisi. Growing up, Sisi was one of my favourite shows to watch so this collection instantly stole my heart. It was bright and colourful. Elegant and playful. Everything a woman would want her clothes to be.

15.30 – Burberry

So, I decided to take my afternoon itinerary gap to chance it and go to Tate Modern to get a glimpse of the Burberry show that started at 5 pm. Although I was madly disappointed by the lack of celebrity, I did see Eva Chen and the legendary Anna Wintour. When I saw the fashion legend herself, I literally screamed. I had no idea how much of a fan I was until that very moment.

18.00 – Magpies & Peacocks

At this point of the day it was dark, even colder than in the morning and we were already pretty tired. However, it didn’t stop us to jump in the queue for the second to last show of the day. We recorded some pretty delirious videos, in which we were mostly laughing hysterically about nothing.

This show by the sustainable house was absolutely gorgeous. After the show I found out that all designs are made with sustainably, ethical and zero waste techniques which is exactly what we need to save the environment. Conscious fashion is the way forward.

19.00 – 20.30

What was supposed to be a lovely, quite lengthy dinner gap turned into an expedition to try and crash an on-schedule show. Please don’t ask why. My fashion week squad and I walked all the way from Covent Garden to Embankment, shoes were changed, songs were sung and jokes were made. When we finally arrived at the destination, those of us not on the guest list were told to wait until everyone was seated.

However, it turned out to be another badly organised event as another lobby got overcrowded and our friends decided to leave with us to head to the last presentation of the day. Turns out, if we would’ve stayed we would be let it but we had somewhere else to be as this show was running almost and hour late!

20.30 – Malan Breton

Nearly twelve hours in, still no dinner and with limited resting time we jumped in the last queue of the day. So hungry we were ready to take a bite out of someone’s arm. There were vegans amongst us that agreed. That’s the severity of the situation! Luckily, the last queue was in the heart of Soho in the infamous Piss Ally so our appetites were quickly killed.

But was it worth the wait! Malan Breton’s presentation was next level creativity. The beautiful venue was transformed into a live theatre/fashion cinema you could walk through to experience the collection rather than just look at it. As we went from room to room we were transported to different scenes, one more dramatic than the other and all a feast for the eyes.

22.30 – Late night dinners

As it was a Sunday, even in central London most of the restaurants had closed their kitchens. We went on one last walk to China Town to feed our empty stomachs before heading home to finally get some much needed rest.


Unfortunately, as I have a full-time day job I was unable to attend any shows or presentations during the day on Monday. However, I did get invited to a LFW after party in the newly opened nightclub Opium. It was a little wild of me to party on a weeknight, but I thought an exception must be made for a special occasion. London Fashion Week is definitely special, right?

Before heading out, I convinced myself I wouldn’t stay longer than just after midnight. Obviously I was still shaking my booty on the dance floor at 2 am… That’s when I decided it was really time for me to go home, as my alarm would go off at 7.30 am.


All good things come to an end, as does Fashion Week unfortunately. It wasn’t a long day for me because I could only make it to the last show of the day after work.

18.00 – On/Off

The only on-schedule show I made it to this LFW and I am so grateful I saw that with my own eyes. It was a beautiful finale of London’s celebration of all things fashion. Unfortunately it ended far too soon for my liking, which is why I jumped at the opportunity to attend the official LFW closing party at the W Hotel.

Wait, what? Another party on a weeknight? Worry not, this time I really left just after midnight so I could still take the last tube home. Sensible right!

I had THE BEST experience and met the sweetest, most inspiring people you can imagine. I am so grateful that I got to see such talented designers, and I can’t wait to do it all over again in September!

Lots of love,