Le Ciel de Paris Review

Although Paris already feels like a lifetime away, I still wanted to share my experience and thoughts on one of the city’s most famous restaurants. Le Ciel de Paris is located in the Tour Maine Montparnasse so the views are simply breathtaking. I have mentioned this restaurant briefly in my Paris Travel Guide but wanted to share a more full on experience.

Le Ciel de Paris


Le Ciel de Paris

As I mentioned earlier, this location high up in the Tour Maine Montparnasse is unlike anything else. I can only really compare it to going up the Shard, as the views are probably equally impressive. Overlooking the city of Paris, whilst enjoying delicious cuisine is an experience you should not miss out on when in Paris. The interior of this venue is quite remarkable as the ceiling is decorated with illuminated circles. They almost look like clouds, which is probably also where the name of the restaurant comes from “The Sky of Paris”.

Le Ciel de Paris

The photo opportunities

When I went, there wasn’t really an Instagram crowd present unlike at equally famous Kong. This made things a tiny bit more awkward, especially because flash photography was required at night to optimise lighting. Pictures of you sitting at the table with the iconic ceiling behind you tend to come out pretty well.

Unfortunately we were a little unlucky with the weather as the sky was so foggy we couldn’t see the view at all. However, towards the end of stay the Eiffel Tower reappeared for a short window. Just on time for the last sparkle of the evening so we snapped it before it was too late! I can imagine it must be amazing during the day to take pictures of yourself with the view. At night this might be a bit more difficult as flash is needed, but the reflection on the glass will most likely do nothing for the view.

The food and drinks

No surprise here, but Le Ciel de Paris is definitely on the more expensive side of things. We went for the set Menu Balcon, that offers three courses for €68 excluding drinks. Considering the average main and starter are both around the €30-50 price range this is a decent deal.

As a starter I chose the lobster soup, which I never had before but really enjoyed. It wasn’t fishy at all, but incredibly smooth and tasty! For my main course I chose the lamb, which was just amazing. As a former vegan it still pains me to admit these things, but I really enjoyed it and frequently still dream of this meal… Finally, the dessert was a delicious chocolate cake that was so rich I couldn’t finish. I don’t often get defeated by chocolate but I do struggle to finish three courses.

To sip we ordered one of the cheapest bottles of red wine that was incredibly delicious, light and easy to drink. I mentioned before that a great way to save money in these expensive places is to opt for the cheapest wine on the menu as it will still be great quality.

Le Ciel de Paris

The vibes at Le Ciel de Paris

Since we were in Paris from Monday to Wednesday it is hard to say what the city is like during a weekend, but at Le Ciel de Paris the vibe was much more professional and a little more high end than at Kong. The other diners where mostly a lot older, although I did see a few younger couples.

It makes for a much more serious atmosphere, but that doesn’t make it any less enjoyable. The service is really great, the interior and views gorgeous and the food delicious. You might not go here for a rowdy birthday meal but rather a more civilised celebration or just because you feel like treating yourself for a delicious meal.

The final verdict

This is definitely a restaurant I will visit next time I find myself in Paris. Perhaps I won’t risk it and rather go for breakfast or lunch, also because that will save a lot of money, but mostly to take even more pictures of that stunning view. Le Ciel de Paris is definitely o popular for a reason, totally worth the hype!

Lots of love,