Fashion February: London Fashion Week part 1

From Paris, we dive straight into the London edition of Fashion Week. No rest for the wicked, right? Think 12 hour days of back-to-back shows, whilst spending most of that time outside in the crisp weather chatting away to fellow fashionistas. With barely any time to rest and, most importantly, eat, you tend to go pretty delirious at some point. Would I do it all over again? Hell yes. Even through it all, they were some of the best days of my life. Here’s what went down at London Fashion Week…

DAY ONE – Friday 15 February

Ah, the first day of Fashion Week. Little did I know what I was getting myself into! I expected something similar to our experience in Paris, but this time was much more social as, of course, there wasn’t a language barrier. Because of my day duties I was unable to attend day-time catwalks and presentations. However, I did make it to everyone else’s last catwalk of the day.

18.30 – Jayne Pierson

I headed to Leicester Square right after work to start queueing up for the show. It was really lovely to see familiar faces in the queue, seeing as we had a bit of time to chat I caught up with some friends before the show started. Most of the shows I attended were inside the Freemasons Hall, a beautiful building both from the inside and outside.

Jayne didn’t disappoint, her collection is very contemporary with colourful graffiti references. I especially liked her coats that were either fur or vinyl. All the models seemed to have the same hair styling, which was so beautifully done! Baby hairs were swirled into beautiful figures on the model’s foreheads. I’d love to try that this summer!

I also seemed to have forgotten how quick a catwalk presentation is, so before we knew it we were back outside ready to call it a day. However, I didn’t go home just yet as I was starving at this point! So I joined my friends for a delicious meal in China Town.

DAY TWO – Saturday 16 February

If you know me, you will know how much I despise early starts on the weekend. But when it comes to fashion, exceptions will be made. Hence I was up at the crack of dawn… Kidding! Although it felt like the crack of dawn, I had a little lie in until about 8 am before having to get ready for the day ahead. The pressure was on. How to dress for a full on day, while looking fashionable but still feel comfortable?!

After a thorough closet search I decided on a brand new WHYTE Studio dress that I got on sale, layered with a turtle neck and knee boots. Not entirely uncomfortable but not exactly comfortable either. Off to Leicester Square I was again, ready to start the first queue of the day.

It seemed I was a little too eager though, as the first show of the day was not as busy as the one I attended on Friday. Probably because people were tempted by an extra hour of sleep, I can’t blame them!

11.00 – Mimpikita

By far one of my favourite collections! The elegance, the layering it was all so beautiful. Each look was so interesting and showed the complexity of modest fashion. I struggle to layer during colder months, but being able to work with so many different materials and shapes is incredible. I am definitely going to learn from Mimpikita!

12.00 – Cassey Gan

Before we headed out, we had a quick glimpse of Cassey’s collection in a beautiful presentation. Again, the layering was incredible in this collection. Not only were different prints used together but also different textures. Double clashing really works and looks incredibly comfortable.


After a quick but much needed coffee break, we headed to a little installation to browse some clothes and accessories in the heart of Soho. It was nice to walk around, as it was such a beautiful day. Unfortunately at this point my feet were starting to slightly hurt and I still had a long way to go…

14.00 – Jolin Wu

What all the cool kids wear. This is literally what came to mind when I saw this collection. It was edgy street wear with an elegant twist. I loved both the men’s and women’s designs and could definitely see myself wear some of the items. When comfort is combined with fashion like this I am instantly sold. Unfortunately I can’t always pull it off but I am working on it!

14.30 – 15.30

Food, finally! As you cam imagine I was absolutely starving at this point of the day. Luckily there are quite some food options around the Freemason’s Hall but because we also had to recharge our phones we decided to make Itsu our main spot. I do love me some sushi so no complaints from my part!

After a much needed break, we headed to Fashion Week Central, or Somerset House for the return of Smythson to the LFW schedule.

16.00 – Smythson

What a comeback they made! This presentation was a work of art that was so visually pleasing. Each room had a different theme, from tropical to heritage and different props where used. I loved that the eye was in the detail, as the Smythson items weren’t always the main points of focus in the installations.

It was definitely a feast for the eyes, I couldn’t stop looking at the tilted table with the tea pots and cups with the Smythson cardholders posingĀ  as spilling tea. I promise it makes sense when you see it…

We called it a day

After the presentation at Somerset House we had some free time before the next show, however as the queues started forming very early on we immediately jumped in. Unfortunately this next show was so oversubscribed that not even all the VIP guests (seated guests) managed to get a seat. By the time they all got in the venue was at capacity.

No stress just yet, there was a clash in the schedule so we decided to quickly go around the corner to the show that was on at the same time. However, once we got there we saw that the situation was similar if not worse.

Picture about 100 people packed into a lobby waiting for a signal to go up the staircase to enter the venue. As people kept coming in, the situation got very crowded and just uncomfortable. At this point my feet were absolutely killing me, I was extremely tired and ready to go home which is also what we did!

Stay tuned for the last two days of my London Fashion Week adventure in a Part 2! If you can’t wait, I’ve already uploaded my Fashion Week vlog that included my Paris adventures as well!

Lots of love,