Are we ready for Brexit?

Let’s be real, the answer is probably no. However I did want to write another Brexit-related post to touch base on the current situation. Now that Brexit is delayed, the uncertainty continues. Between the People’s Vote March and a pretty popular petition, the opinions seem to be divided as ever. One voice that stands out from the crowd, though, insists the indecisiveness must be put to an end.

Are we ready for Brexit

Brexit delay

You will probably have heard about the short delay. Theresa May headed to Brussels hoping to push the 29 March deadline back to the end of June. However, the European Union decided that the uncertainty can’t be stretched any longer and gave May two scenarios:

  1. If the UK Parliament (finally) accepts the Prime Minister’s Brexit deal then the deadline will be extended to 22 May.
  2. If not, there are a few possible outcomes that have to be decided before 12 April. So the clock is definitely still ticking…

Are we ready for Brexit

In case the deal does not get accepted

Well, to put it quite simply anything will be possible at that point. The most annoying part is that the deal will most likely not get accepted because, let’s be real, it has been rejected so many times before already. Trying to get the majority to agree on a compromise between two polar opposites is never going to work. Why settle for less than you believe in? Brexit is a case of being either in or out. Although there are some mild-Brexiteers out there that want a status similar to Norway.

So what will happen?

  1. Basically nothing happens and the UK will leave the EU on the 12th of April without a deal. (Please, please don’t do that to us politicians!!!!!)
  2. Brexit can get cancelled, but in all honesty this will probably not be done so easily. Although Parliament already agreed they don’t want to leave without a deal, that vote was not binding.
  3. An additional extension can be requested, which means that the UK will take part in the EU elections. After this, the deal could be renegotiated, another referendum could be held or UK elections could take place.

As you can see, it is very much like a never-ending cycle. Who knows, we might still be discussing the possibility of a no-deal Brexit in 2025.

Are we ready for Brexit

EU citizens in the UK after Brexit

As a Dutch citizen in the UK I made it my priority to find out what will happened to EU nationals after Brexit. It soon became clear, and this is UK law so will therefore be applicable in any Brexit (or no Brexit) outcome, that we can apply for Settled and Pre-Settled status.

The UK Government created an app called EU Exit: ID Document Check, which makes the application process incredibly easy. The scheme officially opened yesterday, but a trial started earlier this year on Android only. I am not sure if the app is will also be available in the Apple Store.

I sent in my application early March to avoid the crowds and am pleased to announce I am now an EU citizen with Pre-Settled status, meaning that I can stay in the UK until 2024. As soon as I reach the 5 year mark I can apply for Settled status and stay indefinitely.

Are we ready for Brexit

The only disadvantage of being an early bird is that you still had to pay £65, which will be refunded (fingers crossed). This fee was supposed to be paid when the scheme was first announced but it was then decided that the application will be free.

Let’s hope that we will have a clearer view of our future by the end of May.

Lots of Love,