KONG Paris Restaurant Review

If you look up fancy and Gram-friendly places to eat in Paris, KONG will pop up quite quickly in the search results. Think incredible views, gorgeous interior and exclusive guests. Everything the Insta crowd loves, but is this restaurant worth the hype? Or is it another internet sensation that does not live up to standard? Let’s find out shall we?


The restaurant

This beautiful rooftop restaurant is a tiny bit deceiving. If you look on the website or search for pictures you will only find stunning images of their top floor that has a beautiful glass ceiling. This is what made us want to dine at KONG in the first place. However, upon arrival we soon found out that it is not the restaurant’s only floor. Unfortunately, the lower floor hardly looks the same and is much less memorable.

Luckily, we managed to squeeze ourselves upstairs after a bit of a wait to get the experience we wanted. I can imagine this restaurant is a great place to visit all day long, as the view must be gorgeous during the day. At night, there isn’t much too see except for Louis Vuitton’s head quarters and sparkling city lights.

The photo opportunities

When it comes to a good Insta location, you would want the place to have great lightning. Be it daylight or artificial, if it is too dark the money shot is not happening. Unfortunately, KONG is a little bit on the dark side at night. Therefore we were slightly struggling to take good pictures. However, as most guests are there to update the gram you will see cameras flashing every now and again.

Apart from the gorgeous glass ceiling, there isn’t much else to snap for the gram. Although the food does come presented very nicely, if you are not against uploading foodie pictures! Waiting for a table at this restaurant was actually quite pleasant, as the bar downstairs has beautiful floral details.

The food and drinks

KONG is an Asian Fusion restaurant with quite an extensive menu. I decided to go for a starter, main, and a bottle of red. The starter I chose was a phenomenal selection of Dim Sum. Just thinking about this makes my mouth water as it was honestly so delicious. However, for the main course I chose salmon that was slightly dry and quite bland. Served with plain, boiled white rice I can confidently say that the main was not worth the money.

To save your money, I would recommend going to KONG and only ordering a selection of starters as they seem to be the only exceptional meals on the menu. Enjoy them with either one of the delicious cocktails or a glass of wine. Apparently you can also enjoy a brunch at KONG, which I have not yet tried but it seems promising.

The vibes

The staff at this Parisian restaurant are so friendly, I have never seen anything like it before. The people that dine at KONG are similar to the Insta and ‘It’ crowds that dine at similar London hotspots. However, when you do decide to dine here be prepared for outrageously slow service. We didn’t have the heart to complain about it because the staff was so friendly, but we spent a good 3 hours in this restaurant. Most of that time waiting to be served, and the longest wait was to pay the bill…

Luckily, it is a beautiful restaurant so there is a lot to take in. From the glass ceiling to the view of Paris at night, and discreetly watching the other diners. However, at some point you do start to get slightly irritated as you can only wait so long. Especially if you are ready to leave, because there is nothing worse than waiting to leave.

Final Verdict

In all honesty I am slightly disappointed, because the service was slow and the food overpriced. However, it was a great experience at one of my must-see restaurants in Paris. I am glad I ended up here, but I can’t really promise that I will be back. Perhaps to try the brunch, as hopefully I will be able to snap some better pictures!

Lots of love,