#SavingwithSavannah Staying boujee on a budget*

I am back with another #SavingwithSavannah post! Today, I want to share with you how I manage to look boujee on a budget. The other day I saw a tweet that was so relatable. It said something like you’re living a champagne lifestyle on apple juice money and I really felt that. You can catch me at the fanciest restaurants during weekends ordering the finest wines and most delicious meals, but during the week I will be opening yet another tin of beans or heating up a pack of instant noodles… It’s all about the balance right?!

In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with wanting to treat yourself every now and then. If that means that you sometimes have to stay in and cook your own cheap meal that’s completely fine. I tried being better with my money and stayed in, or only went for cheaper options on nights out but the truth is I didn’t enjoy it. When I do nothing but work I get depressed. When I spend little money on activities I don’t enjoy I see it as a waste of my time and money. So I have decided I’d rather really treat myself once in a while, on something I can’t afford every week and make it a special occasion.

But how do I do it? The answer is simple.

Vintage designer

My guilty pleasure is buying designer handbags. There, I confessed. Only, they are always so bloody expensive. Plus, almost all bloggers and ‘IT-girls’ will end up carrying the same Gucci bag. If you splurge on something special, you don’t want the whole world to have the same thing right? That’s why I love buying vintage designer. I wrote about it before, but I will explain again why it is so great.

First of all it is so much cheaper. The average vintage designer bag will cost you about £250, obviously you can find much cheaper ones as well as much more expensive ones. It took me a while to know what to look for, but generally you’d want to buy one that comes with a dust bag. Always look for the product codes and where the bag is made, as you want to make sure it is not a copy.

In addition, a vintage bag is unique because you can’t buy it in stores anymore. Treating yourself on one really means that you’ve got something special that not many others will have. It is also a great way to combat fast fashion, as you purchasing the item doesn’t require the use of any new resources. The item has already been made and you are simply repurchasing it.

Discounted designer

Another one of my guilty pleasures is buying discounted designers. There are plenty ways of getting your hands on a luxury item for less, but I recently discovered a new obsession of mine OD’s Designer Clothing. They offer a wide range of designers for women, men and children and the prices are very reasonable! If you are looking to treat yourself, or a loved one, without breaking the bank this is definitely a place to look. Now that the temperatures have dropped I’ve got my eye on these Froccella women’s coats that will definitely keep me warm even during the coldest days.

I much prefer to shop discounted online, because the experience is just so much less stressful. However, you must not underestimate TK Maxx. I found two absolutely gems around Christmas time last year, and they seem to stock up on major designer brands every festive season so keep your eyes peeled for this year!

Waiting for sales

I know a lot of people are against the massive sales like Black Friday and Boxing Day because it encourages fast fashion. But if we all change our shopping behaviour it might not have to be a bad thing. The way I shop nowadays saves me a lot of money and I don’t think I support fast fashion as much as I used to anymore. Instead of shopping like a maniac on a regular basis, I wait for the sales to come to add new items to my wardrobe.

Of course I will buy something new if I really, really like it when I see it. But I really limit myself with what I buy, even on sale. I shared my shopping rules with you before, but in short it is me asking myself: can I wear this with at least two items already in my closet? I cannot begin to tell you how much this question helps me control my shopping behaviour. Usually the answer to the question is no, but if I buy this… That’s where I stop myself. Unless I am really in love with something then I will make an exception.

When shopping the sales I also try to be as reasonable as possible. Sometimes I can freak out by a cheap price, thinking OMG this item is so discounted I MUST BUY. No, Savannah, you don’t. Take a look at the original price, is the item really that must cheaper? Do you like the price of the item or the item? Do you really need this? The same shopping rules apply during the sales, and it helps me save so much money.

Opt for set menus

Another one of my guilt pleasures is fine dining at the fanciest places. I have become a regular at SUSHISAMBA, which has earned the ‘my favourite restaurant’ status. One thing I have learned from my many meals out is that usually the set menus are a lot cheaper than dining à la carte. But don’t be fooled, because sometimes they are also a lot more expensive. Take your time when looking at the menu, try to work out how much you want to eat and how much you should spend.

If you just want to go for a starter and a main then you could leave the place with a spend of £65 per person including a bottle of wine. If you want to go all out and try as much as possible then the set menu might be the best option. These are usually £80 per person and you can choose three courses. I would also recommend going to fancy restaurants later in the evening to make it more of a night out. That way you will also avoid going somewhere after and spending even more money.

The cheapest wine

Now, this is usually taboo because who wants to order the cheapest wine a place offers right? Well, me! What you’ve got to realise is that if you are at a good restaurant, all the wines on the menu are great. So go ahead and order that £35 Rioja because that’s already way too much to spend on a bottle of wine if you ask me. Save on the wine and splurge on the food, you won’t regret it.

That’s basically how I manage to live a champagne lifestyle (as you can see it doesn’t involve ordering champagne). If you’ve got any tips on how to save money whilst still being boujee let me know!

Lots of love,


*This post was written in collaboration with OD's Designer Clothing but all opinions are my own.