5 things to do during Dry January

New year, new challenges and while most people think we are crazy for doing this, Dry January is a cheap and healthy start to the year. It is not so much a question of discipline if you (and your friends) avoid boozy situations. Your weekly drinks will become weekly hot beverages and parties might have to be cancelled unless you are going to down alcohol-free drinks that is. But January is a long month and nobody is looking forward to spending the first 31 days of the year indoors with no social plans whatsoever. Worry not, lovelies, I’m going to share 5 fun and booze-temptation-free activities you can do this month.

Dance on ice while you still can

All the Christmas decorations might have gone, but there are still a few festive activities you can do before we really have to let Christmas go… One of them is ice skating! Today is literally your last chanceĀ to do a twirl or two at the Somerset House before they remove the iconic ice rink until later this year. If you’re not really feeling the last minute plans then you have a bit more time to gather a friend to go ice skating at the Skylight rooftop, which is open until 27 January. There is a bar at this rooftop, but obviously the only drink that accompanies ice skating is hot chocolate. For those afraid of heights, head East to the Canary Wharf ice rink that will be open until 16 February! Plenty of time to perfect that triple Axel.

Loose track of time in a game arcade

A what? That was my initial reaction when one of my friends suggested a trip to the game arcade. But 5 minutes later I was hooked. It is such a fun way to spend time with someone, without having to drink or talk about ourselves constantly. Beware because it is a pricey thing to do if you are really looking to spend hours gaming, but a a little race here and maybe busting a move or two there will not break the bank and who knows you might even end up winning a jackpot!

Go for a retro bowling session

Remember all those birthday parties at bowling alleys? It seemed to be a trend when I was growing up, and although I’ve been bowling countless times in my life I still really suck at it! That doesn’t mean it isn’t a fun way of gathering friends to spend a Saturday night together without the temptation of alcohol. You might even discover a hidden talent that you can brag about until the next Dry January!

Book a class and discover a new hobby

London is always buzzing with things to do. Every week, there seems to be a new kind of yoga that you can sign up to or a specialised cooking class to prepare you for that dinner party you dream of hosting one day. Persuade a friend into trying one of these classes together, because that makes it so much less awkward! Put on your dancing shoes, grab your apron or clear your head in meditation. If it is a success sign up and become a regular, maybe that even crosses off another one of your New Year resolutions (finding a new hobby).

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Become a regular at the cinema

I don’t know about you but I definitely don’t go to the cinema often enough. My excuse is always that it is so expensive. Actually, when you compare the price and duration of the average film to the price and duration of one cocktail the drink is by far more expensive. A drink lasts you up to 45 minutes if you are really stretching it, whereas a film usually lasts twice that time. Drink less, watch more films and even treat yourself to some popcorn whilst you’re at it.

How are you getting through Dry Jan?

Lots of love,