The Brexit agreement and what will happen now

A little while ago I decided to dive into the unknown territory of Brexit. Simply because, as an EU citizen living in the UK, I was worried about the life that I have been building for myself these last two years (how time flies!). With all the uncertainty, I wanted to find out what was expected from me to remain in a post Brexit UK.

To my surprise, it wasn’t long after I published the post that Theresa May managed to sign a Brexit deal with the European Union. A deal that seems to have stirred a lot of drama in the UK Parliament. Why is it that no one is happy with a deal that seems to be taking everyone’s feelings into consideration?

From what I have seen the deal currently on the table is a ‘meet-me-halfway’ solution for Brexit. Not a surprise, seeing as May isn’t particularly keen on leaving the EU herself. However, that is exactly why it didn’t go down well in parliament. Although the deal looks decent, those that wish to remain in the EU will not accept anything less than an option to stay put. Whereas on the other hand, those that wish to leave the EU want to see a much more independent UK after the ‘divorce’.

Now that the deal is on the table the MPs in Parliament have to vote, and it is not looking great. Most likely all the hours spent negotiating a Brexit that suits both the EU and the UK were a waste of everyone’s time and effort. But luckily, there are a few outcomes after this round of votes and not all are bad for our future:

  1. Leave the EU without a deal
  2. Tweak the current deal
  3. A second referendum
  4. A general election

Obviously leaving without a clear guideline is never a good option, not for anyone. It means that everything in our day-to-day lives will be unregulated, even the tiniest of things. It will impact the pound negatively as investing in the UK will be very risky, but it will also have some negative impacts on the EU. I would like to think that the EU is strongly against this option and will make sure that whatever happens a deal will be in place before the departure deadline.

Tweaking the current agreement is something that can go both ways, either the situation will be better for those wanting to stay connected to the EU or those in favour of a hard Brexit will get their way and all EU ties will be cut off. Let’s hope for the best…

My personal favourite (I am biased I know) is the second referendum. I personally believe that this referendum should take place regardless of the voting results. The original Brexit referendum was a disaster based on lies that left people uninformed to make the right decision for their future. Now that people are much more aware of the severity of the situation a second vote will reflect what the public really want.

Secretly I hope that, should there be another referendum, the outcome will be that the public wish to stay in the EU. However, should the outcome be the same then I think we all need to accept the fact that it is really what the majority want (boo!). Especially because nobody seems to be happy with the current way forward it wouldn’t make any sense to go ahead and create a miserable nation.

The last option, a general election, would definitely not benefit anyone. It will mean that we are back at square one with the negotiations and the future of both the EU and the UK. Let’s not waste any more time shall we? The uncertainty for people like me is becoming pretty annoying, I don’t know if I can sign new contracts, I don’t know if I will have to move out of the UK or if I am worrying about nothing and will be able to spend the rest of my life here.


But it is not just about immigrants, it is also about the future of children, healthcare of the elderly, the economic situation of the UK and the list goes on. A lot is at risk with Brexit, and unfortunately it doesn’t seem like most politicians have our best interest at heart. What it looks like from my perspective is that a lot of MPs are trying to step into the spotlight to make history. They seem to be forgetting that right now the best thing to do is not to turn against each other, but to work together to do what will be best for the country and the people.

Lots of love,