Tea time: tea at the Curators Coffee Gallery

It is not often that you get to enjoy a quiet Oxford Street, it is one of the few perks of getting up early on a Sunday morning. It was the Sunday of my interview with Leo With Love when we met at the cutest little cafe just off Oxford Street.

When I ordered a seasonal tea I definitely didn’t expect it to be a selection of dried leaves and flowers in the cutest cup! I love when cafes and restaurants serve you more traditional teas like this as the taste is always so much fresher.

Oxford Street

Also, it makes me wonder why we are normally charged about two quid for a teabag and hot water… Serving tea like this makes it much more special and worth the money because the tea becomes more of a treat than just a hot beverage. If that makes any sense at all! As you can tell, I take my tea pretty seriously haha!

Do you prefer tea bags or loose leaves?

Lots of love,