Tea time: a quick coffee in Balham

Since I moved to Balham I have slowly but surely started exploring the local possibilities in terms of food and drink. Luckily there are so many restaurant options from a delicious fish and chips and Sunday roasts to bento boxes. But Balham is also great for small cafe’s that are both Instagram friendly and serve deliciously strong coffee (decaf for me of course).

A couple of weeks ago, when I took half a day off to browse the shops in Oxford street sans the crowds I knew that when I headed home I had to do a different type of shopping… My food shop! To make the occasion a little more bearable I made a quick stop in Esquires Coffee for a decaf flat white, I know coffee again!

This Bedford Hill cafe is so cute! You can tell from the outside that is the perfect place for a day of essay writing, meetings or just to catch up on your favourite magazines whilst sipping a delicious hot beverage. The interior is super colourful, with lots of greens, yellows and floral touches. As soon as I walked in I had a big smile on my face, this just feels like such a happy place to be!

My flat white was also really cheap compared to other more popular cafes that will easily charge you over £3, especially as you get closer to central London the prices tend to go through the roof! I really enjoyed my quick coffee before boring groceries, and will definitely be heading back to this little cafe soon!

Lots of love,