Getting ready for Christmas

Now that you’ve figured out what to wear for Christmas, it is time to think about gifts and also activities! This time of the year is both wonderful and stressful at the same time, but I’ve got some simple suggestions to make any social gathering during the holidays a good one. Whether you are celebrating with colleagues, friends or family, it is going to be a good Christmas. Even if you don’t celebrate, there is no harm in getting together and having a good time with loved ones since we are all off work and school right!

Staying in

Look, I’m not going to lie. This time of the year it is usually freezing outside so I perfectly understand if you would rather stay indoors. If you are hosting or attending a house party I would suggest games are always a fun way to get the party started. This can be anything from old school board games to more modern game apps like Heads Up!

If you want to go all out, dust off the Xbox and plug in the microphones for a session of gold old Singstar followed by a round of dance games to show off your moves. Depending on the crowd you can either start playing (old school) hits and Christmas tunes or just settle down and get ready to unwrap presents! You can even play a game where you have to guess what the present is! Playing Christmas films in the background goes without saying of course.

Going out

If you want to brave the cold my friend, I have got some suggestions for you too! Make sure you wrap up well. I am looking at you party animals, faux fur isn’t in fashion by coincidence!

Daytime activities

A couple of weeks ago I already shared a post with winter related activities in London until early January. Head to one of the many Christmas markets to enjoy delicious food, mulled wines and hot chocolate and then burn off some calories at an iconic outdoor ice rink. Winter Wonderland is definitely the place to be with many performances, a huge fun fair and a circus!

If you are willing to go outdoors but want to limit outside time, book one of the great festive deals that many restaurants are offering to treat yourself to a delicious multiple-course lunch. A trip to the cinema might not come to mind instantly, but there are some great films right now (my recommendation would be Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald).

Nighttime activities

Except for the Christmas markets, most of the daytime activities are probably nicer at night as the darkness makes the light decorations a lot more magical! Treat yourself to a fancy Christmas meal and head to an even fancier bar for a cocktail or two. Going out in London can always be tricky as it gets really busy in certain places, however just before and during Christmas most Londoners will be heading home so the crowds become a lot more bearable.

What are your favourite things to do before and during Christmas?

Lots of love,