Best looks for Christmas

It’s time to get jolly again! Christmas is just around the corner (I know right?!) and we are celebrating on the blog with a special festive Party Season series. The next four weeks we will be discussing all things Christmas and New Year’s, because we have so many functions to attend from your work Christmas lunch and Secret Santa with family to proper fancy festive nights out, all to celebrate the holidays.

With all these dates in the diary, one shortly after the other it can be quite tricky to decide what to wear. I personally tend to overdo it slightly when it comes to the outfits, only because I get really excited around this time of the year! There is definitely a different dress code depending on where you are headed, and I would like to give you some inspiration per occasion.


Staying in for Christmas is actually my favourite thing to do. It means I can eat all the food my mum made without anyone judging my calorie intake! It also means not having to dress up at all, last year I literally spent Christmas in the cosiest onesie ever while stuffing my face with food and watching all the Christmas films. What a day. Make yourself comfortable for a house party, if you’ve got guests coming round why not tell them to dress down so you can be comfortable together?


Most offices tend to throw some festive gatherings around this time of the year as well. I have a Christmas lunch booked in, but you might have a proper office party! Obviously whatever you decide to wear should still be appropriate work wear, which can get quite tricky during this time of the year!


November and December are always packed with the best parties. All over London you can find the most glamorous, luxurious events all in honour of Party Season. Suddenly everyone can brave the cold again to show of their sparkliest outfits. I’ve heard that London becomes a ghost town during the actual holidays, because everyone tends to go home or visits friends and family outside London. But you can book in a variety of dinner parties at your favourite restaurants to celebrate the season before you go.

Lots of love,