Beanies & berets: how they made their way into fashion

When it gets colder outside I always tend to forget to keep my head warm. Beanies and berets are stylish accessories to wrap up in winter, my only personal struggle is that they always mess up my hair! That struggle aside, I wonder how these head accessories became a thing. Let’s find out in today’s #WinterFashionWednesday shall we?

The first signs of something that looked somewhat like a beanie as we know it today was called a toque or tophue, which was worn in Canada and later also by Vikings. The use of this cap was mainly to keep warm in colder climates just like how we use the accessories today. Later on, the British started wearing a knitted Balaclava in the army, which then transformed in the bobble hat that was worn by the public to keep warm. Funnily, the Balaclava is making a comeback this season! Are you brave enough to wear one? The beret on the other hand was often worn by the nobility in Spain and France. It is interesting that the beret is now usually part of a military uniform, more so than the Balaclava.

The first step into the world of fashion

Berets are the ultimate symbol of Parisian style. How many bloggers have taken a picture with a beret in front of the Louvre or the Eiffel Tower? The answer is many, and I am definitely taking my beret next time I find myself in Paris. Compared to the beanie, a beret is definitely a more stylish option to keep warm during colder days. I personally always feel like a toddler when I am wearing a bobble hat!

It seems like proper beanies are more common in underground cultures, remember last winter when all the hipsters wore one? Yes, it was the ultimate symbol of coolness. I suppose it is the  small window in fashion when it becomes more forgiving, mostly because everyone is cold so we try and make more practical items fashionable. I’m not complaining to be honest!

Let’s have a look at some of the cutest accessories to keep your head warm this winter:

Which one is your favourite?

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