What size are you?

Are you a size extra small in Primark but a size extra large in H&M? Who can’t relate?! I honestly never buy anything without trying it on first because you simply cannot predict how that size will fit you. But when we strip down to our underwear you will realise that size is just a number (or letter). 

Underneath your clothes

Women’s lingerie comes in completely different sizes than our clothes, and with good reason. Imagine trying to squeeze boobs into a humble selection of just 3 sizes… yeah it’s just not happening. But much like our boobs, our bodies are so different as well. So why is it that we let that stupid number define ourselves?

Back in the day when dieting was still on my to-do list, one of my main goals in addition to achieving a certain number on the scale was to also fit into that glorious size S or 8-10 UK. But you know what? Sometimes I gained weight and managed to size-down, other times I lost weight and had to give in to a size or two up. Then one day, when the zip on a gorgeous Zara skirt size M was broken I got my mum to fetch me another one. However it was the only size M left in the store so she brought me back a size L, which surprisingly DIDN’T FIT ME. Let that sink in for a minute. Size M fit but the zip was broken, then mum came back with a size L and I couldn’t even get the skirt over my bum?! I checked and I double checked the size on the skirt and just couldn’t believe what was happening.

Clearly brands just stick sizes on any measurement and call it a day. I am not just one size, so why should I let my size determine my health or aesthetics?

Focus on stability

Instead of focusing on something that changes constantly we should focus on those things that are stable. For example a bra size, I’ve had the same bra size for yeaaars! It tells me that I’ve not gained a massive amount of weight, because my measurements are still more or less the same and also that I am still healthy since there isn’t any strange increase or decrease in the size of my breasts.

I know for a fact that nearly all women have had that one bra that they’ve been wearing since forever. Gross? No, just comfortable as long as you wash your bras regularly. We spend so much money on clothes and waste so much time trying to figure out what size would look best on us, especially when we are shopping online. Let’s treat ourselves more often to an almost unproblematic category of clothing: underwear.

This beautiful set was gifted to me by Beija London and is so comfy and soft! If you’ve been following me for a while you will know that I stopped wearing wired bras because #comfortfirst but if you need the extra support Beija London do 24 different sizes up to a G cup, and all designs come in different styles. So if wireless is not an option for you, you can get a wired one that is much more supportive.

I am still going to ask you this taboo question: what size are you?

Lots of love,