Tea time with Savannah: Dutch vs British teas

Well look at this, the first Tea Time with actual tea! I know not everyone is pleased that the tropical temperatures have left, but I know that I can’t wait to start wearing my cosy jumpers, chunky boots and trendy coats again! There is something magical about autumn and winter that, in my opinion, beats the heat of summer. 

At last, the temperatures dropped enough for me to crave a delicious cup of tea. Today, I want to talk about the fact that the UK greatly disappointed me with their tea assortment. Aren’t the English known for their love of tea? Black tea, yes, but I assumed that any tea would do as well. Apparently if it’s not black tea it doesn’t get much attention… 

Let me explain… In The Netherlands, we have endless aisles in supermarkets with all sorts of teas. White, green, black, you name it we’ve got it. One of my English friends rightfully said that our tea tastes like juice, because all sorts of exotic fruits are blended in and mixed together to create a beautiful fruity and warm taste. A good example would be this white and green tea with jasmine and orange blossom. 

So when I first set foot in one of the bigger UK supermarkets, excited to do my weekly shop (the excitement wears off quickly believe me) and get me some delicious tea I was so disappointed! Yes, the aisle was enormous but the selection of non-black tea wasn’t. Camomile, peppermint and a few types of fruity and green teas. Nothing too wild. 

Maybe it was just that supermarket I told myself. So on to the next I was, only to find the same limited selection of teas… My disappointment was even bigger when I found out that ordering green tea in cafes/pubs/restaurants is not always possible. I had to settle for peppermint or camomile a few times and was even told once that they had to check if they had anything other than black tea. 

As you can tell I take my green tea pretty seriously. I’m also considering starting to take a few packs back to London each time I visit home… 

What type of tea is your favourite?

Lots of love,




    • Savannah Giersthove
      November 18, 2018 / 3:24 pm

      Thanks Diane! xx