5 Things I love about autumn

The sun is setting earlier, the nights are a little colder and we can buy a pumpkin spiced latte again! Thank goodness summer is finally over, if you remember this post listing reasons why I don’t like summer you will know why I just said what I said. I love autumn and winter, and today I’m telling you why…

1. Autumn fashion

Look, it is no secret that September is like fashion’s New Year. Each year, September is the month with the most iconic magazine editions that even irregular readers will pick up. If you are on the cover of Vogue in September, you have truly made it. 

It is the season where fashion has no limits. Want to wear faux fur, go for it. Still want to wear that summer dress? Slip on a pair of boots and you’re good to go. It is the time of the year when coats aren’t yet necessary so you can go all out with coatigans, blazers and wear jumpers without the struggling of wearing a coat over them. It is the season of leopard, checks and all sorts of faux leathers. It makes me so happy. 

2. That back to school feeling 

I might not be a student anymore, but I still get that sense of new beginnings in September. It is the start of the academic year, a time to pick up a language, to clear out your wardrobe or to just make sure you really stick to the January resolutions that went out the window in summer.

3. Cosy nights in 

What a perfect time of the year to save up some extra cash! Finally we can stop feeling guilty for not going outside because it is a beautiful day. No, it’s probably pissing it down so staying in is perfectly fine! Curl up on the sofa with a blanket, make yourself a cup of tea and pick up your favourite book or watch your favourite film. Harry Potter marathon anyone?

4. Build up to Christmas

The most wonderful time of the year is only weeks away… The shops are slowly but surely starting to decorate, as are your neighbours and ads are getting more and more Christmassy! It is time to start thinking about presents, to start planning Christmas get-togethers and maybe even plan a little Christmas get-away! 

5. Perfect temperatures

I have mentioned this before, but I really despise hot weather. I know most people can’t stand the cold, so autumn is actually the perfect combination of mild temperatures and plenty of sunny days. Yes, you can still wear your open-toe sandals, but you can also go ahead and start wearing your knee boots again. All of this without judgement, isn’t that great? It is truly the time of year where you can tell who likes it hot and who doesn’t! 


What do you love about autumn?

Lots of love,