Tea Time with Savannah: SOHO Coffee Co.

Anyone that knows me knows I love a good cup of tea. It really has to get to rare temperatures for me to skip the tea and opt for something else. Unfortunately that has been the case these last few weeks, so I have been making my way around London trying all the different decaf coconut iced lattes on the market. It’s a long story… 

Why the choice of drink?

First of all it is hot af outside, so anything iced will do. Decaf, because I started getting heart palpitations and panic attacks when I drank my two last caffeinated coffees. Thank goodness I haven’t had any of that since I switched to decaf, so I really think my body just can’t deal with caffeine anymore. Oh the joy of getting older am I right? Lastly, I go for dairy free milk simply because I don’t like real milk and it is a habit I sticked to ever since I tried going veganA plus point for any cafe that will add a shot of caramel syrup to their iced drinks because, like I said before, I am a tea drinker and prefer my occasional coffees sweet. 

Was it worth the money?

This iced caramel and almond latte went down like a bottle of ice cold water. It was just what I needed after a long underground journey, walking around St Paul’s Cathedral and catching up with my friend. We ordered the lattes and sat down opposite the cathedral, enjoyed the drinks and chatted for a while before heading off to Leicester Square to continue the London Sights Tour. People tell me I am quite a good tour guide of London, so I might actually start charging now haha! 

The cafe offered a select menu of hot food and cakes that all looked delicious, but in this hot weather I sometimes have to force myself to eat something as I just don’t have an appetite at all. 

I would say this iced latte deserves a solid 4/5, the syrup was sweet but not sickening, the coffee strong but not bitter and the almond milk hardly detectable. It was a great balance of ice cold greatness that was very much needed in this heat! 

Have you been to SOHO Coffee Co.? 

Lots of love,