Tea Time with Savannah: Gail’s Bakery

While the weather is still scorching I will continue to explore all the iced decaf coconut lattes out there to keep a girl cool. Today, I am going to talk about one I ordered from Gail’s last week. 

What did I order?

Now, Gail’s isn’t exactly a cafe. It’s more like a bakery/cafe so the coffee menu is slightly limited. I opted for an iced decaf oat latte, this because one it was cold, two I explained my caffeine situation and three there was only a choice of soy or oat milk as dairy alternatives. 

Was it worth the money?

Like I said, this is not really a cafe so the options are limited when it comes to coffee. I have to say for such a forward thinking bakery (all their bread is sourdough) that has plenty of gluten free and vegan options for food, I was slightly disappointed in the dairy free milk offered. I try to avoid soy as much as possible because I read it’s not great for hormone balances and can cause cancer when consumed in excessive amounts. As for oat milk, I’ve never had it before because I don’t like the idea of drinking a grain… Imagine having oatmeal made with oat milk, to me that’s just a bit… weird?! Correct me if I am completely wrong though. 

The coffee itself was good, not bitter but still strong. Although I added two cubes of brown sugar I would’ve preferred a caramel shot as it just makes the coffee taste so much better. This iced latte did what it was supposed to do, it cooled me down but that was it. It wasn’t anything that I will crave anytime soon. However, I really enjoyed the chocolate coconut macaron I ordered with my coffee. So, I will recommend Gail’s for their bread/snacks. 

All in all I would say this particular iced coffee was a 3/5, nothing special but definitely drinkable. 

Have you been to Gail’s?

Lots of love,