Silk pillow cases to protect hair and skin

I’m back with some hair- and skincare talk today! Having a head full of luscious curls that I don’t really want to restyle every single morning, I quickly picked up a habit of sleeping with a satin bonnet. No, it’s not exactly the best look… 

However, after having done some research, I quickly realised that we shouldn’t just focus on protecting our hair. Apparently cotton can be quite harsh on hair and skin, as it causes friction, wrinkles and dryness. We obviously don’t want any of that! 

When I was first diving into the world of natural hair, I saw so many people recommend ditching cotton pillowcases and swapping them for silk ones. I initially thought; that’s way too expensive! But that’s not the case luckily. 

There are so many silk pillowcases available online on Amazon, you can make it as expensive as you want basically. The ones with the best reviews started from £20 per pillow case and came in a variety of colours. I ended up getting a John Lewis silk pillow cases as I’m not a huge fan of Amazon personally (don’t @ me!) 

I was so excited to go to bed when I received my pillow cases! The difference is so noticeable, I go to bed with nothing on my head so I wake up without a mark on my forehead. My curls are still frizz-free and moisturised as is my skin. I used to wake up with pillow marks on my face soooo often, and now I don’t get them at all! 

If you are serious about protecting your hair and skin and don’t mind spending a little extra on bedding that will last you a while, then I can highly recommend making this investment. You can thank me in 30 years 😉



Lots of love,