Wearing Love Island pyjamas to work

Either you’re from outside of the UK or you’re living under a rock, whether you like the show or not, Love Island is a thing. A thing that took over the nation and transforms boring evenings in into shouting contests at the telly.

Reality TV at its best

Now don’t get me wrong, I am normally not very keen on watching reality TV. I loved watched The Hills/The City back in the day and am guilty of watching a few seasons of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. But when it came to Big Brother, Jersey Shore etc. I never seemed to be interested. Until someone mentioned Love Island and I decided to give it a go.

I find watching the programme quite therapeutic, as after a long day of hard work it is very relaxing to watch singles on an island find love. The islanders haven’t got a care in the world (other than finding love and winning the 50k prize obviously). But what makes watching the programme best has got to be the ‘banter’ on Social Media both live and afterwards.

What I also love about the show is that it’s not too ‘tacky’. Most of the islanders are truly on the hunt for their true love, meaning that the scenes aren’t too… well explicit! Although I wouldn’t exactly recommend Love Island as a family show either.

Missguided outfits

This season’s outfits are sponsored by Missguided, and I must say that some looks are just gorgeous! Now that we seem to have a never-ending heatwave we can actually take inspiration from the islanders and wear some summery looks. Missguided even created a separate page too where original Love Island items and inspired items can be found. Very convenient indeed.

I went a bit crazy and challenged myself to re-style a look I have seen on the show. Can you believe that I wore one of the pyjama tops to work? I actually received compliments as well! If only people knew haha!

Which islander is your favourite?



Lots of love,