Outgrowing friendships

I think we can all agree that one of the best things that happened recently was Netflix adding all seasons of Friends. After binge watching all episodes, I realised that as much as we all want to have such strong friendships we almost always tend to outgrow some. 

Growing up together

Within friendships we all grow up together. Whether this is literally knowing each other your entire life or connecting later on and learning to deal with adulthood together. We share so many valuable memories with some people that they will always have a special place in our hearts, but why is it then that we tend to lose touch so often? In the series, the group literally lived within walking distance from each other and tensions rose when Rachel was about to move to Paris, and the series finished with Monica and Chandler moving outside of the city. Was this because the writers knew it would be unrealistic to continue the relationship as before now that two main characters moved away? 

I moved away from home a year and a half ago now, and although I sadly have lost (regular) contact with lots of my friends I also reconnected with some I hadn’t been in touch with for years. Somehow you will always have those friends you don’t speak to for no particular reason, but you will find your way back to each other. It is easier if you’re in similar situations in life, this was definitely also the case in Friends. Their lives were pretty much in sync most of the series. The dynamics changed slightly when Monica and Chandler moved in together and Rachel had her baby. 

Reconneting online and offline 

Although I previously said we’re limiting ourselves in getting to know other people because of Social Media, at the same time it is also really good to stay in touch with friends. Speaking for myself, I always feel like I am fairly updated on what’s going on with my friends by following them on Social Media. Although we might not speak as often anymore, it is so easy to comment or to slide in their DMs just to let them know you saw their update and you’re thinking about them. This obviously does not equal a true friendship, but personally I like when long lost friends pop up again. 

It would’ve been really interesting to see how the writers would’ve dealt with Rachel moving to Paris. I remember when I first moved abroad, every time I went back home I had so many pending dates with friends. Although I understand everyone wants to see me, and I obviously want to see everyone, time is limited. Now, there are still few people I try to make time for when I am back home but it is sometimes still hard to fit everything in only a long weekend. When you live somewhere you can easily meet up in lunch breaks, after work/school or on the weekends. However when you are visiting things are very different. 

I honestly do believe that we have certain people in our lives for a reason. One of the things I am personally working on is trying to be a better friend by staying in touch with people. I’m a social introvert and find it very difficult, but I also hate to see the few friends I have go. Small steps go a long way!

Did you outgrow friendships?


Lots of love,




  1. Mrs Parson
    July 19, 2018 / 12:53 am

    You are SO lucky to have Friends on the American Netflix, I'm from Australia and we don't have it on our Netflix and it totally sucks!! Social Media is good like that, even if you don't get to see your friends all the time you can still connect with them online. 😊✌🏼Jelena Parson

    • Savannah Giersthove
      September 7, 2018 / 3:00 pm

      It's on the UK Netflix! Literally the best thing to have ever happened! xx