House shares and housing in London*

Like many capital cities in the world housing is a real issue in London. Supply cannot support demand and quality vs. prize is often very off. Finding a place to call your own in the city can be quite stressful, there are so many factors to take into consideration: commute, housemates, price, location, size of bedroom etc. I discussed this dilemma with my current housemates over a glass of champagne at the iconic Shard. 

Putting your housemates first

There are many ways to find your perfect house share in London and a great place to start is the Ideal Flatmate platform. This platform is great because in addition to the rooms on offer, it also focuses on the people that live there. Which if you think about it is just as important as the space itself. As a matter of fact, it was the one thing that made me move into my new place instead of continuing my search.

I recently moved into a house where I already knew all the current tenants, because my best friend is one of them. So I used to spend many of my Saturdays in their living room socialising with everyone. If I wouldn’t have known any of my new housemates or even worse, wouldn’t get along with them, settling into my new place would not have been as easy as it was now.

Although we are six people in a house, we all get along really well and spend most of our free time together either planned or spontaneously. Can you believe how much money I save by spending most of my weekends in, partying in my PJs whilst listening to High School Musical and Britney Spears songs?? Yes, it gets veeery wild in our home on the weekends haha!

Living together

We might be cheating a bit, as getting along means living together is pretty easy for us. We have a very active group chat on WhatsApp in which we communicate with each other throughout the day. Most of these communications are Love Island memes, not gonna lie!

If an issue comes up we notify everyone in the chat, to see who’s in and capable of helping. Like the time we had a MASSIVE spider in the house and maggots near the bins… Fun times indeed. Although we live with 3 guys and 3 girls, both animal incidents were dealt with by the girls! Girl power much!

I think it is safe to say that we all positively influenced each other’s lives. Especially mine, coming from a very different housing situation that forced me to spend most of my free time outdoors whereas now I happily spend all my time in our living room.

Moving into this house was definitely the best decision I have made in my adult life! The only thing better than this would be having a place of my own, but the thought of that already makes me miss my housemates!

Have you ever had a perfect house share?

Lots of Love,


*This post was written in collaboration with Ideal Flatmate, however all opinions are my own and my housemates’ who were so kind to participate in this project (in return for free drinks obviously).




  1. Lisa Autumn
    August 7, 2018 / 7:18 pm

    It's such a dream of mine to live in London!x Lisa |

    • Savannah Giersthove
      September 7, 2018 / 3:27 pm

      If you ever have the chance you should definitely take it xxx