Festival Season: What went down at Wireless

Last weekend was hands down one of the best weekends of my life. I am struggling to put it all into words in a way that does it justice, but I have accepted the fact that some things you just can’t explain. All I know is that I have made memories that I will cherish for the rest of my life. 

I have been to a few festivals before, but none where the line-up was filled with people I have been wanting to see perform for ages. I have also never experienced VIP at a festival and I don’t think I will settle for less any time soon as the difference in value for money was probably worth much more than what I paid for my three day VIP pack. 

The weather was a bit of a struggle as the sun was literally burning us, without a cloud in the sky and with thousands of people in the same park the temperatures rise very quickly. However, we were lucky with loads of free time to hide in the shaded areas and prepare ourselves for another outing in the sun. 

There were so many highlights at this festival that I am not going to bore you by mentioning them all, but I will say that I finally saw Drake perform as he surprised us all with a headline set to replace DJ Khaled. Also, I was lucky enough to meet Brooklyn Beckham which I would most certainly not believe if I were able to tell my younger self this! 

I carefully put together my three festival looks, and although Sunday’s one wasn’t complete with the hairstyle and make-up I had planned it turned out to be my favourite look. I realised on that day, after I had a cry in the morning because I was unable to do the hairdo I wanted and that I wasted so much time on doing it that I had none left to actually do my make-up, that I am more confident and happy when I am ‘natural’. 

I don’t mean that in a braggy way, what I am trying to say is that I spent all this time and effort trying to be something that I am not. I am who I am, big curly hair, no make-up due to lack of skills and that is completely fine. I felt confident, and knew that what people saw was the real me. And that might have been the best feeling in the world. 

Now, it is very easy to fall into a ‘low’ after so many ‘highs’ but although life might be slightly less exciting than last weekend I am  going to find that same content in the smaller things that can sometimes be even more precious. Learning to enjoy the day-to-day things in life is still something I am working on, and this will be the ultimate test! 

Wish me luck!


Lots of love,