Behind The Scenes: The struggles of a photoshoot

Envy that fancy blogger life? Think twice before you wish because it is most certainly not always as glamourous as it seems. This is where social media can be deceiving and I would like to share one of the biggest struggles of being a blogger with you today: doing photoshoots.

I am not a model

The main issue when it comes to taking pictures is the person in it…. Me…. I am an average-sized girl, with no particular talent for being in front of the camera whatsoever. That is why every picture on my Instagram is me just standing and smiling because that is basically the only pose I know how to do! I find it very hard to try and be more natural in front of the camera, so there is more movement in the image and it all seems a bit more spontaneous. I try, only to delete half of the picture because ‘I look fat’ or ‘I don’t like my face’ in a particular shot. Yes, there’s still a lot of self love to do. Looking at 35 pictures of yourself and only keeping 5 is definitely not the definition of #selflove.

Where to go

We all love a good backdrop, one that either matches or clashes with your outfit, one that gives away where you are or one that is so intriguing it really makes the shot 10 times better. But where to find these places???? I’m not a photographer either so I don’t have a great eye for locations, neither can I transform said location into an Insta-worthy backdrop due to lack of photography skills. I keep seeing this ugly location challenge on social media where people literally stand in a bush and hold a leave in front of their face, and the picture looks insaaaaaane! How do people do it?!

Changing on the go

Realistically speaking no one will have a full on photoshoot every day. It just takes up too much time and effort. Therefore most photoshoots will capture 3-5 outfits in about 1-2 hours. Yes, you read that right. This is where it becomes interesting because as a fashion blogger you would want to wear a totally different outfit in each shoot. Thus you will end up changing clothes in the weirdest places. Public toilets, alleys and changing rooms (without actually going shopping so another reason to keep the high street alive!) At one point in my last photoshoot I was stood on a junction in my bra…. Everyone has boobs right?! So before going for a photoshoot, I try to plan my outfit orders in a way that makes changing easy. Start with a dress/skirt so you can pull up the next bottoms whilst still wearing the dress/skirt and also preferably finish with a dress/skirt. Just to limit the changes and searches for public toilets.

The weather

Any professional model will definitely agree with this point. The weather is a pain in the behind! Vogue doesn’t photograph their summer editorials in June, they do it three months in advance! Imagine walking out of the ocean in a bikini in March. Brrr! Luckily the blogging scene doesn’t work that far in advance (at least I don’t) but I do like to have a bit of a jump start. So regardless of the weather, if it is approaching summertime I will be wearing summery outfits. Come winter, I’ll be rocking knitted jumpers when it might still be quite pleasant outside. But the worst must be when it is about 30 degrees Celsius outside and you have to keep changing and posing. We are not used to this hot weather so anything above 25 degrees is extremely hot. Trying not to break a sweat and to still look cool, calm and collected is a serious challenge when the sun is burning right through your clothes! But anything is better than when it pours it down, because there is hardly anything worse than being tied to indoor shoots only. Natural daylight is a godsend, but it is so sparse in autumn and winter that you are literally in a race against the clock (and rain).



I’m not complaining btw – I chose the blogger life – but I am just sharing the reality of what often seems like a just a fairy tale.

Lots of love,




  1. tu estilo moda mujer
    July 13, 2018 / 8:52 am

    Beautiful post. This summer outfit is beautiful and unique! I like this top is so pretty!!!kiss

    • Savannah Giersthove
      September 7, 2018 / 2:57 pm

      Thank you so much love! xx