Travel tips from a frequent (heavy) traveller

Holiday season is fast approaching, whether you are going to a land far away or are staying local. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like I’ll be enjoying the sun, sea and beach this year, but I do tend to travel home quite often and have become somewhat of an airport export. 

It’s not that I don’t know how to travel light, I have done so in the past and hated every single day when I realised I didn’t pack that dress, or those shoes or that perfume. Gone are those days, mostly. I would say I am a medium-packer. Never too much, never too little. Of course I know I won’t wear the second pair of jeans, but at least I won’t be cursing myself when I stain or rip the first pair… 

Now that I am living in London, I tend to visit home at least every 6 weeks. My preferred transport is flying, just because it is so quick. But that does mean I am facing very strict hand luggage allowances. Worry not, I’ve got you covered. 

Airport hand luggage tips

It really sucks having to figure out how to fit everything into a small carry on suitcase, especially when everything is neatly packed and you have to sit on your suitcase to close it, but then they ask you to remove your liquids and laptop at security. 

All I can say about that is, make sure you pack the things you have to remove on top. When it comes to liquids, I never use one of those plastic bags as I have a clear toilet bag. This also fits sooooo much more than those rubbish sandwich bags they give you at the airport. 

If you’re flying low-cost, chances are you’re not even allowed a second teeny tiny handbag with your suitcase. When I thought about it, it didn’t make any sense but those are the rules. And rules are made to be broken! Look no handbag allowed, but you’re allowed to bring your airport shopping in a plastic bag. Limit the shopping, put your handbag in the plastic bag and waltz into the airplane without facing the £40 extra bag fee. Remove your handbag from the plastic bag once in the airplane and enjoy the smug feeling of having fooled the airline 😀


Lots of love,