Do a Digital Detox

What would be your biggest nightmare? Would it involve being stuck in a house without WiFi? I didn’t realise this was going to be one of my struggles until it actually happened. Five days went by and we had no internet connection in my old house. At first, I was restless and didn’t know what to do. Lucky I was also exhausted so I slept a lot, and thought about my move and life in general. 

Day two was when the struggle really began. I was well rested, wanting nothing more than binge watching series on Netflix, looking up a million and one things on Google and FaceTiming my mum. None of that was possible. So I decided to switch on the telly to see what was on. My oh my, daytime television is really sad! Luckily, there were a few comedies on that helped me pass time. 

Day three wasn’t so bad, I was already looking forward to watching the telly (The Fault in Our Stars was on at 9, yes, I cried like a baby again!). And, I decided to pick up a long lost hobby of mine. One I apparently didn’t have time for anymore until I was disconnected from the internet: reading

The fourth day was probably easiest, as by now I knew exactly what was on the telly and I was also looking forward to picking up my book again (I am currently reading The Great Gatsby btw). Obviously I would’ve also loved to watch Netflix or to see my mum, but I made peace with the fact that I couldn’t. 

The last day, the internet came back on late in the afternoon and to my own surprise I didn’t really care. I finished the chapter I was reading, watched the film that was on the telly and only then decided to check my notifications. 

I have always been a firm believer of minimising your screen time by reading magazines or books, going for walks, writing (on paper) and spending offline time with loved ones. Messaging someone is not the same as being with someone. The beauty of books for me is in the paper, which is also why I would never touch an e-reader. It might make me a bit old-school, but these five days started as a nightmare and ended with me being a lot more relaxed and grounded. 


Now, you don’t have to unplug for the next five days. But I am challenging you to minimise your time online as much as you can this week. It might be hard at first, but it will become easier. Let me know how it goes on Twitter or Instagram (both @justsavxnnah). 

Lots of love,