24 hours in Leeds

I do seem to love the 24-hours trips to different cities, don’t I? Its just such a quick, easy and cheap getaway that provides the change of scene that is sometimes very much needed. 

So, last Bank Holiday weekend I decided to take the train up to Leeds to see what makes people love the North of England so much. The North is pretty known for its rainy and cold weather, but luckily it was near tropical temperatures with a bright sun! 

I was honestly surprised by how big Leeds is, the centre is filled with shops, bars and restaurants. And the city’s nightlife has a lot to offer as well at just a fraction of the London prices! But it was the city’s shopping scene that really impressed me. All shops, luxury, high street and everything in between is within walking distance. A shopper’s dream! You could easily spend the whole day just browsing the shops, whether you are looking to buy or not. 

We didn’t get up to much, as it was reeeeeally too hot to move. So we decided to soak up some sunshine on a terrace whilst sipping a cocktail. After all, we have got to take it easy on our days off right 🙂

Lots of love,