aMAYzing Hair: My Story

May is going to be a bit different on the blog this year. I am going to focus all posts on… my hair! It’s not something I talk bout very often, but it is something I have tried to touch upon a couple of times in the past. 

aMAYzing Hair

I am definitely no hair expert, but I did manage to go from damaged, lifeless hair to a healthy head of bouncy curls. Patience, research and trial and error are the only things it take. Throughout this month, I will share my knowledge and experience with you, for those that are just curious and those wanting to transition themselves. 

Lately, so many people have been complimenting my hair. Asking me for tips on how I maintain my curls, so I think it is time I bite the bullet and step into an area outside of my expertise. This month will be mostly aimed at beginners, as I am only barely intermediate myself. But let’s not make it a one-sided thing, I am also always very happy to receive advice or tips. So if you’ve got curly hair yourself, comment (or tag me) throughout the month and let’s help each other! 

Finally, I want to end the month with a Hair Q&A for any unanswered questions you might have after aMAYzing hair. So, if you have any questions about curly hair, my transition or anything related to these topics please do share them with me, either in the comments, on Twitter, Instagram or you can send and email to 

My Story

So, how did I go from the situation below to my current head of curls? Honestly, it was a combination of being fed up with spending over 2 hours a week on straightening my hair, and a grey ombré situation gone wrong… The last time I straightened my long hair myself was when I did it during a Harry Potter film, by the time the film finished (2,5 hours later) I still had about a quarter of my hair left to do. That was where I drew the line. Also, bleaching my hair without taking proper care of it left it so damaged, I decided to finally cut the long bob I had never been brave enough to go for. 

There I was, left with hair too short to easily straighten myself. I decided to see what it would look like curly. That’s where it all began. Obviously, keeping it curly meant that my hair looked a lot shorter than it was. My hair wasn’t long enough to properly curl either, because I had much looser curls when my hair was still damaged. I decided to make the awkward phase work, and started doing research on how to treat curly hair. 

Surprisingly, my hair grew back faster than expected and my mum found an incredible salon in Amsterdam I still go to today. No one else has cut my hair since I first went there! I will write a post all about how my hair is cut later this month, so stay tuned! I consistently trimmed my hair every 6-8 weeks, tried different product combinations and that is really it! My hair is curlier, bouncier and thicker than ever! 

Are you going to join me this month and embrace your aMAYzing hair?

Lots of Love,