aMAYzing Hair: finding out your type, porosity and density

A very important part of understanding how to treat natural hair is to understand your hair type, porosity and density. This will give you more insight into knowing which products to use and which to avoid. It might be a less glamorous aspect of natural hair care, but that doesn’t make it less relevant. 

Hair types

There are four different categories, and within each category there are three letters indicating a stronger/weaker curl pattern. 


Personally, I’ve got 2C, 3A and 3B curls. It is normal to have different patterns, again, no curl is the same! When my hair was damaged I was definitely more on the frizzy wavy side of the scale. So don’t be surprised if you suddenly have a much stronger curl pattern. 

Hair porosity

To find out your porosity, you’ll need a glass of cold water. This will tell you if your hair absorbs moisture quickly, slowly or somewhere in between. All you need to do is (unfortunately) take a single hair from your head and put it in the glass. If your hair floats, it means that it doesn’t absorb moisture easily so you’ll have to give it an extra hand by using heavier masks and creams. If your hair sinks, it easily absorbs moisture so you might want to opt for more lightweight products. Finally, you guessed it, if your hair floats in the middle of the glass your hair will need just a little extra bit of moisture to make sure it is healthy and happy. 

Hair density 

Density is another thing that will help you pick the right products for your hair. The easier way to find out your hair density is to tie it all together in a ponytail, and measure the width. If your ponytail is less than 2 inches wide your hair density is low. This means you should use more lightweight products to prevent weighing your hair down. If your ponytail is between 2-3 inches your density is medium. High density will measure at least 4 inches, this means you might want to use heavier products to make are your hair stays moisturised. 

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