aMAYzing Hair: dyeing natural hair

Perhaps it is just me, but come summertime I am always looking for a way to brighten up my hair. I’ve tried anything from a dip-dye, ombre to now balayage and each time it left my hair brittle, dry and damaged. Naturally, having just recovered from damaged lifeless curls I was hesitant to let bleach come anywhere near my hair again. 

But I knew there must be a way to bleach hair and only cause minimal damage to it. So many curly girls out there are rocking highlights, or bold blonde manes that I decided to take the risk myself and go lighter. In a previous hair update post, Mia was so kind to recommend  Olaplex when I mentioned dyeing my hair. Giiiirrrrrrl, I have been living under a rock!

Go gradually

Personally, I have never gone for a full head bleach. I have always kept it safe by concentrating on the ends and slowly going up towards the middle. Just so I could always cut off any extreme damage that might have been caused. Leave 2-3 months in between your next bleach to give your hair time to recover before bleaching again. That is what I am going to do this time, as my hair is a very warm shade now (before applying the toner) and I was aiming for a tad lighter and especially cooler. Even this time, although I went for quite an extreme balayage I wouldn’t dare to bleach all over! 

Something I can’t stress enough is after care. I have to admit that I have been both lazy and ignorant in the past when dyeing my hair, but as I said, this time I really did not want to lose the progress my hair has made in terms of health. Therefore I did a bit of research, actually I just walked into Superdrug… And looked for a hair masque to help chemically processed hair. I decided to get the Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen and Restore Masque, which seems to do the job! 

Use Olaplex or an equivalent 

Now this is something I had heard of in the past but never really considered, God knows why because I wish I had! Basically Olaplex and its equivalent are a product that is added to the hair dye to keep your hair shaft closed, meaning that less to no damage will be caused. My salon also used this product as a treatment after the dye had been rinsed out. It is a bit pricey, I paid £60 to add Olaplex but it is so worth it. Going home after my appointment, I was so nervous to see if my hair had been damaged. Luckily, I can say that my hair is still happy and healthy. 

Even though I used Olaplex to prevent damage, I will continue using my hair masque so my hair gets the nurture it needs as I have still bleached my hair, which tends to be quite aggressive. 

Keep flaunting that gorgeous hair of yours! If you have any questions about natural hair care, or want to share your natural hair care tag me on social media and use #aMAYzingHair. 

Lots of love,