Wanderlust Calling: The places I would love to visit

Travelling is one of my favourite things to do, and although I have travelled quite a bit there is always another place left on my wanderlust list. I am also the kind of person that loves to go to the same place multiple times, which does not really help with ticking off my list. 


Now, I have already been to this gorgeous country. Let me explain, I was really young, it was years ago and things have changed. Dubai seems to have developed into somewhat of a paradise on earth, one that gives me proper travel-envy whenever yet another #goals picture appears on my Insta feed. I would love to go back for a couple of days and explore all that Dubai has to offer. 


I honestly can’t believe that I still haven’t been to the Big Apple. Ever since I binge-watched Gossip Girl, I have been dreaming of a life on the Upper East Side. Unfortunately, I was a bit hesitant because of the political situation and I have yet to save up money for this first USA trip. The day will come, when the time is right. 


My goodness does Cuba look incredible!!! This is definitely one of those places you just have to visit before you die. The culture, history, food, it all just seems to be so intriguing. Only recently, this has become one of my desired places to visit. Cuba has always been on my wanderlust list, but I seem to be longing for longer-haul getaways as opposed to my usual Europe city-breaks


Definitely another must-visit location. I can’t imagine how incredible a visit to Tokyo must be. A country so rich in culture, it must be a dream trip. For now, this might be a bit too far away for me, as I definitely don’t do well on longer flights. At one point I just want to get up and get out!! Not possible I know. But the day will come that I will brave myself to be up in the air for over 10 hours, because Tokyo is definitely worth it! 

What cities are on your wanderlust list?

Lots of Love,