New BALMAIN x Specsavers glasses

Look, I’m not going to lie to you. Wearing glasses comes with plenty struggles. I could write an entire post about my bad eyesight and all the complications it brings on a daily basis. Every now and then though, it does have its perks. Right now, fashion is very forgiving to those of us who can’t see without the extra set of eyes… 

After having my old pair of glasses for nearly four years I thought it was about time for an upgrade. I knew I wanted a pair that I would be more than happy to include in outfit posts, a pair that I would proudly wear on a nice day/night out. I had been wearing contacts on those occasions before, because my glasses were just not  very glamorous. 

Specsavers then collaborated with BALMAIN, and designed some gorgeous and glamorous frames. I love Specsavers because you can get a second pair of glasses for free! You just pay for the actual glasses but the frame is completely free. In my case, I ended up saving nearly £300 because of that! 

So now, I can see again! And, I’ve got two lovely pairs of glasses. I deliberately chose for a trendy and a classic pair, as I want my glasses to last me at least another couple of years. If I only chose  frames that are in style now, I might get fed up next year. Timeless is definitely the way to go with glasses, and if you can get a deal or can afford to get a second pair, you can be a bit braver! 

Do you wear glasses too? 

Lots of love,