The 22nd Chapter – I’m only slightly freaking out!

It’s my birthday! I find it a bit hard to believe that I am now 22… It feels like it was only yesterday that I turned 21! On the other hand, I just say that 21 already feels a bit too young if that makes any sense? Your 20s are definitely a strange decade but are at the same time, at least they have been for me, some of your best years. 

Which one are you?

Now, there are two types of people in their 20s. The ones that are in long-term relationship, married, engaged, have children, buy houses and already live that #adultlife. Then there’s the other lot, still figuring out life, still at uni, single and struggling to even take care of themselves. I am definitely the latter. My day is just made when on of my housemates leaves food in my fridge – no cooking for me yay! 

There is nothing wrong with being either one of these types. What is wrong, however, is feeling pressure from society, family or friends to live your life a certain way. Sure, they mean well, but at the end of the day only you know what will make you happy right now. If that is changing diapers, you change them! If it is watching Netflix all weekend, you watch it! That’s the beauty of this age, anything is possible. Remember you don’t need to have all your shit together, I am starting to think nobody has! 

Enjoy the moment

What I also want you to remember is to enjoy the moment. Right now, you are young and healthy (hopefully). Keep your options open, set goals but don’t be afraid not to stick to your plan. That is what I am doing, if I would’ve stuck to my plan I wouldn’t even be in London right now. I didn’t plan on going this soon, but I saw an opportunity and look at me now. One year in, I can already tell you that moving to London was the best decision I have made in my life. 

I have never been happier, more confident, more determined and more myself. That is why I am going to say that this new chapter is only slightly freaking me out. Yes, the clock is starting to tick in so many ways but I am enjoying the journey towards achieving my goals. And, I now came to realise that the journey might be the most satisfying part. 

Celebrate life!

As you are reading this, I am probably sipping tea and tucking into a delicious scone at The Ritz, as you do on your birthday. I will obviously tell you all about this in another blog post! So stay tuned! 

Photography by Anuschka Giersthove









Lots of love,




  1. Hiro
    March 7, 2018 / 6:13 pm

    Happy birthday! Early 20s zoomed by, and all my friends agree that we stopped 'aging' after 25. None of us know how old we are anymore! Hope you'll make the best out of those years… They won't be coming back! 🙂 Don't rush into anything just because it seems like "it's time." I'm so glad I waited to do any of those "adult" things… I am nothing like the person I was few years ago, and I imagine it'll continue being this way for quite some time! Hiro x

    • Savannah Giersthove
      March 25, 2018 / 12:22 pm

      Thank you for this great advice Hiro! I couldn't agree more! Age is just a number at the end of the day, it about making the most of each day that is really important xxx