Luxury London Club

I already introduced London’s night life in a previous post, and am constantly updating Insta stories on the weekends with some of the best places to spend your Saturday night in the city. Today, I am introducing one of London’s latest additions to the clubbing scene: Luxury London Club.

Double celebrations 

My birthday weekend (yes, it takes more than just one day to celebrate a birthday!) also happened to be the big opening weekend of LLC. Although you could tell the club was still being refurbished a little, it was a night to remember! In a weird way it felt very familiar, mainly because this club is meant to replace Dstrkt which closed a few months ago. Most of the promotors and the DJ were all working at Dstrkt before. 

The location is absolutely perfect, right on Leicester Square with 24-hour tube lines running. Food, bars and street entertainment within walking distance. Leicester Square does get a bit funky at night in all honesty, you’ll be approached about 10 times by different promoters trying to get you in their clubs. 

What to expect?

You’ll hear two stories about clubbing in central London, one positive and the other negative. I have had both the best and worst nights of my life, but when the bad is compared to the good I must admit that I am definitely one of the positives. Yes, it is very frustrating that your night depends on promoters getting you in clubs on their guest list. The most stressful part of the night is getting in the club. 

Once you are inside, after you managed to go down the stairs in your high heels, you’ll be welcomed by good music, good drinks and sometimes even celebrity performances. LLC plays a selection of R&B, Hip Hop, Trap, Bashment both old and new. Most clubs also have “insta” locations, where most people will take their pictures. In Luxury London there were two, but I think a few more have been added since I was there. 

I had an incredible night and will definitely be back for another one soon! 

If you’re interested in going just let me know on any of my social media channels or by sending me an email. 

Lots of Love,