How I stay organised

In between a full-time job, running a blog, having a social life, taking care of myself and cleaning my room, organisation is key. On top of that, I tend to go back and forth between Amsterdam and London quite a bit (easyJet where is my sponsorship, just kidding!), which only adds things to the to-do list in order to stay, well, sane. 

How do I plan it all?

Simply put, I don’t! Isn’t that just the worst advice ever? Look, I am the kind of person that loves to organise and tries to be as organised as possible. I bought a really good planner for my blog and personal life, I try to update my digital calendars and regularly write to-do lists. The thing is, I never stick to any of it! It doesn’t matter how hard I try, I just cannot do it. 

Though through this all, I came to realise that I like to have a rough plan in place so that I am aware of all that needs to be done. I will do the urgent things, but the less urgent things will definitely wait another day or two. 

Right, so you’re a procrastinator

I wouldn’t necessarily say that… The truth is that I get too ambitious with planning. Deep down, I know I don’t have to and won’t be able to do everything on my to-do list that day. Maybe I picked up this habit because deep down I also know I am somewhat of a procrastinator,  and just started taking that into consideration when planning. If that makes any sense at all! 

In addition, I love planning don’t get me wrong, but there is so much more to life than planning! I mentioned in a previous post that if I would’ve stuck to my ‘plan’ my life would be so different right now. Finding a balance between planning and being organised and just going with the flow is in my opinion the best way to go about it. 

Especially with creativity planning is just toxic. Yes, if you set your mind to something you will be able to do it. But most of my creativity pops up at the most inconvenient times, whereas when I plan to write, photograph and edit this and that it is not always that easy. 

What are some of your tips an tricks to organise everything? 

Lots of love,