Graduating University

Last Friday it was official, I attended my graduation ceremony! I mean, I graduated uni back in September, but chose not to pick up my diploma as I think attending the ceremony is so much more satisfying. I didn’t put in all that effort these last four years for nothing! Having this chapter come to an end with a more official celebration is just what I needed. 

The future is now

I have been lucky enough to land a job even before graduating university, but ever since I left my uni days behind I have felt a little lost. You put in so much time and effort for your future, but when you are already living that ‘future’ you suddenly have to make decisions. Being in uni provides some sort of safety net, where you are thinking about and preparing for your future, without having to make real decisions. There is always the option to change course if you’re not happy, to resit that exam or hand in your essay next term. In real life, this is not always the case. 

For the last couple of months I have been picking my brain trying to decide what I want to do next. On the one hand I have always wanted to do a masters degree and found one that interest me, but on the other hand I also feel like I have learned so much more on the job, whilst already earning money. I really came to understand why going to uni isn’t always the best option for everyone. There are things you learn, but diving straight into working can teach you a lot more when you’re in the right job.

I suppose there is no right or wrong answer, and I can always opt to go back to uni a bit later on. As I try to make a decision, I will enjoy the fact that I reached a milestone! 

Lots of love,