London By Night

If a year ago you would’ve told me this is what I would be writing about, I would’ve probably fallen off of my chair!! Me, Savannah, going out partying?? Yeah, right. I used to despise anything related to a nightclub. It just wasn’t my kind of scene. Until one dear friend convinced me to join her on a night out in central London; it was love at first sight. 

The glamour, the celebrities, the free drinks (I will explain) and the gooooood music. What’s not to like?  Well, the exclusivity is a start. I am not going to lie, going out in central London is somewhat of a full-time job, in between contacting promoters, making sure you and your friends look fleeky and queueing on time… Once you do get in though, a good night is guaranteed with the occasional celeb appearance. 

Free drinks?

Yes honey, not always completely free of course. Normally you will be charged up to £20 entrance, but sometimes you just walk in without spending a single penny! How? Get yourself on a promoter guestlist, you can find plenty on Instagram and they are more than happy to take care of you on your night out. Obviously you can try going out in central without being on a list, but it makes entrance so much more difficult. In addition, the average double vodka in central will cost you at least £15 if not more. So not worth your precious pounds! 

Because I have been going out quite steadily for over 6 months, I thought it would be nice to introduce a completely new topic on my blog. London has lots to offer during the day, and during the night.  As I am already exploring the city, why not share my opinions and save you a ruined night out? Look, I am by no means a London ‘expert’ but a year in the city has given me plenty knowledge on  where to go, and most importantly where not to go when looking for some fun. 

Reviews, outfits and ins and outs

I have been to some of the hyped-up, Insta-famous restaurants that aren’t all that great if I am being honest. I have been to some of the Mayfair clubs in central London and can give you tips on how to get in more easily. Basically, I am here to inspire you to go on a night out in central London without feeling intimidated. You can thank me when you’re sipping your drink next to Theo James 😉

All photos in this post (except two) were taken in my favourite nightclub DSTRKT, which is unfortunately no longer open as a club. So as I am on the hunt to find my new favourite, I will take you on the journey with me! Put on your dancing shoes, powder your nose and let the search begin! Make sure you follow me on Instagram to see everything first-hand! 

Lots of love,