Fashion Quick Fix

We have all been there at some point, you’re in a hurry and BAM your button breaks, your favourite shirt needs a serious ironing session or you can’t fit your jeans. Worry not my child, I have gained some wisdom over the years to help me fix these issues in no time, wisdom that I am going to share with you today. 

The wonders of tape (sello, double sided and everything in between)

You would not believe the amounts of time tape came in handy to quickly fix a problem with my outfit. The magic little thing luckily always seems to be around when it is most needed! I use it to remove lint/fluff from my outfit when I don’t have a lint roller handy. I highly recommend getting one of those pocket sized ones, but lets be real, we hardly have enough space in our handbag as is, let alone adding a lint roller. 

I got the idea to write this post after talking to my colleagues, who shared some of their wisdom with me. Apparently, tape is also really useful when a skirt/dress keeps riding up your legs. I have got to try this! 

Double sided tape is literally the best thing ever. You can use it to secure your boobies when wearing loose and low cut tops/dresses. Or use it to secure a belt when it’s just too short to reach the loop. I also saw a tutorial once where double sided tape was used to take in trousers that were too long. This, I will definitely try one day as trousers never seem to be the perfect length for me! 

Hair ties are your best friend

When you don’t magically loose all your hair ties for once (seriously, where do they go?!) they are super useful when your bra or jeans are too tight! Simply loop the hair tie around the hole/clip and voila! A few centimetres have been added. 

The same goes when a button broke, loop the hair tie around the hole and your jeans/skirt will be secured again. 

The uses of nail polish that do not include your nails

Nail polish comes in really handy too when you’ve got some jewellery or embellishments on other items that you would like to keep in place. Just apply a layer of clear nail polish to help stick any embellishments to an item. Clear nail polish is also useful when you want to prevent something from scratching, or when you’ve got a small ladder in your tights that you want to prevent from becoming larger. 

Removing wrinkles without ironing

Listen, ain’t nobody got time to iron their clothes in the morning! In the evening, I’ve got much better things to do thank you. Therefore, I have tried and tested a few things to help de-wrinkle my clothes. Success (almost) guaranteed. In all honesty, I am the kind of person that just wears their clothes wrinkles and all. I am a firm believer of ‘they’ll fade away after wearing it’ (don’t judge me please I’m only in my 20s I don’t need to have my life together just yet). I usually take a long hot shower with my clothes. Okay, that sounds weird. I hang my clothes in the bathroom and let the steam de-wrinkle the clothes. Another thing I do in emergencies is heating up my straighteners and carefully ‘straightening’ my clothes until the wrinkles have gone. Make sure the straighteners are clean though! 

Which tricks have you gained over the years? Tell us in the comments below and share the wisdom! 

Lots of Love,