Why being in your 20s does not mean you need to have your life together

After a short, but very much needed week off I am back in the blogging game. In all honesty, there was just too much going on in my life so I decided to cut myself some slack by not blogging like a maniac just to stick to a schedule. A schedule that had only been in place since the end of December, so you can imagine the disappointment I felt when I already failed to stick to it.


But you know what? It is okay. I chose to listen to my body and what it needed, even if that meant having early nights (I’m talking 9 pm sharp!) to fight the flu and watching old episodes of Friends on Netflix. A brilliant comedy that pretty much inspired this particular post.


Your 20s equal getting your life together

Or not! Look, ever since I left my teenage years I had this feeling that whilst I am still very much on track with all my life goals, I needed to be more successful, needed to take better care of myself and just become a better adult overall. The truth is, nobody has their life together. Guess what, the BBC recently revealed a new study that adolescence now actually lasts until 24!!! See, no need to be adulating the right way just yet! We are constantly presented with all the positive moments in everyone’s lives that the pressure almost becomes unbearable. Even I am guilty as charged, constantly posting my amazing weekends on social media, snapping away all the fun and excitement. What I don’t share is my rather boring day-to-day life, with me doing food shopping, cleaning, cooking and all the other life stuff that doesn’t interest anyone. 

We need to shift our focus

One thing I would encourage you to do is to change your mindset a little. Right now, we need to enjoy life without having most of the responsibilities that will come in the near future. That does not mean ignoring all your ambitions and being a reckless youth, rather, try to find a balance between doing what you have to do and what you want to do. Your journey towards achieving your goals should be just as memorable, don’t just fixate on the destination. I have to admit that it can be quite challenging. I often find myself quite exhausted between my 9-5 job, a busy social life and running a blog. But they all seem to co-exist, as I will not have any material to post without a busy social life, nor would I be able to afford my social life without my 9-5 job. No rest for the wicked right! 

Photography by Yossy Akinsanya

Make a plan, but don’t stick to it

I can already hear all the confusion! I’m not (totally) crazy I promise. My ultimate conclusion would be to make a rough plan about how you picture your life to be in the next ten or so years, because writing things down does have a certain effect. However, then I would encourage you to just go with the flow. Trust your instinct, don’t say no to new opportunities, even if they don’t exactly fit within your schedule. Because you never know what life brings you, and that is what makes it so damn good. 

In one of the first episodes of Friends, Rachel is trying to gain control over her own life but she is worried because she doesn’t have a plan. Then Monica reassures her that nobody has a plan. Now I wouldn’t encourage you to roam around aimlessly, but having a rough idea of where you see yourself going will already provide so much more guidance than you’d think. 

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  1. Reality check
    January 29, 2018 / 6:13 pm

    Yees! This is all so true. I've just turned 20 and feel like I have my plans in order, but this doesn't anticipate what life can through at you! Sometimes spontaneity is what is needed. It's like with some people and relationships, when you're not actively for a partner, they'll just come into your lives naturally! Great reference to Friends at the end btw, loved that!The Frugal Frenchiethefrugalfrenchie.co.uk