My One Year Anniversary in London

My one year anniversary in London is coming up, and whilst I am sat here writing this post I still cannot quite believe that it has been a whole year. Yet a the same time it feels as if I have been living here my entire life. Very weird, yes. 

Looking back at my arrival, which was far from smooth, so much has happened. I have experienced so many things, I completed my internship, landed a job and graduated uni. Today, I think it is safe to say that I am a completely different person from the Savannah that arrived in London last year. 

However, even through the struggles, my first impressions of the city were positive and they still are. I went through a very touristy phase, whereas I hardly do any exploring anymore lately. There is so much to see in this city, it is almost overwhelming! After settling down, my group of friends expanded and I started having a social life again. 

One thing I haven’t done in my first year in London is going for a Sunday roast, and since my anniversary is this Sunday I’m thinking it will be the perfect opportunity to enjoy a delicious traditional meal! 

With that being said, I have an entire list in my notes with things to do/places to eat etc. that all will be ticked off the list this year. I want to enjoy the city as much as possible, whilst still staying within my budget of course! Because in all honesty, London can be pretty expensive! 

Here’s to the next year in this city, cheers!

Lots of Love,