5 NYE Getaways

New Years is a great opportunity to go on a little city break. Two years ago, my mum and I went to Dublin just after the holidays, and last year, we stepped into the new year in Stockholm. Both were such great experiences! However, as I have spent the entire year ‘abroad’ I am quite excited to spend this transition into 2018 in my comfy home. 

With that being said, next year, I would love to go on a little trip again. Let’s have a look at the cities that do NYE like no other!


Of course, for me this will not be much of a ‘trip’, but rather another first in the city. Having spent most of the run up to Christmas and NYE in London, I am so curious to see what it’s like on the actual days! Londoners take this holiday season very seriously! From late September you could book your Christmas dinners, NYE parties and all the decorations were up by the beginning of November. Now that we have entered the 12 days of Christmas, the city is no longer holding back! I have never been in such holiday spirit before, it is contagious! 


Another massive European capital famous for its NYE celebrations. One day, I want to be there on the main square eating 12 grapes during the last 12 seconds of the year. This tradition apparently brings you good luck and health in the new year. I have never seen the city of Madrid either, so it will be the perfect opportunity to explore and to enjoy the beautiful Spanish culture. 


I quite enjoyed our trip to the northern neighbours, so going on another Scandi trip during the holiday season would be really nice! Copenhagen is one of those cities that I so close to your own, that you just never end up seeing it? Apparently a lot of people compare the city to Amsterdam, I would like to see for myself if this comparison is accurate. Either way, I am sure that just like Stockholm, Copenhagen will steal my heart with its no-nonsense minimalism. 


Vienna has been on my travel bucket list for ages! What better time of the year to tick another city off of that list right? Another reason why I would like to visit Vienna during this time, is because I heard it can be quite expensive. By going for a few days only, you will automatically limit your spending and if you book in advance flights and hotels won’t be as expensive. We all know that travels during this time of the year is extremely overpriced! One way around it is simply to start planning just before or after summer, if not earlier. 


How could I possibly exclude the Big Apple? A girl can dream big, correct? This city is so famous for its NYE celebration that there was a film made with the same title! If that’s not enough reason to visit than I don’t know what it… One day, I will be there on Times Square watching the ball drop. Don’t ask me when that day is going to come though! For years, a New York City trip has been on my list but I just never seem to actually book it. Maybe the suspense is part of what makes New York so exciting for me. Until then, I will just be re-watching Gossip Girl, pretending I live on the Upper East Side! 

Where would you like to celebrate New Years Eve?

Lots of Love,