How to Wear Summer Dresses in Autumn

A seasonal change calls for a clear out, especially when it comes to your wardrobe.But hold your horses, you don’t have to put away your beloved summer dresses just yet. Layering, mixing-and-matching are your best friends during this seasonal transition. Even if you don’t have appropriate summer dresses at hand, there are plenty floral dresses out there that will do the trick, like these Warehouse numbers for example. I have got three simple steps to make your summer dresses autumn appropriate, let’s find out what they are!

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Step 1: Take cover

Probably the most self-explanatory step, but still worth a mention
as the choice of coat can really make or break the look. Take any summer dress,
and wear a trendy autumn coat on top. I paired a floral midi dress with a
checked oversized coat. By choosing a printed coat you are instantly lifting
the outfit to a more intentional level, whereas a plain coat will most likely
look like you just wore a coat because it’s cold outside.In this case, bold is the way to go!

Step 2: Layers for days

If printed coats aren’t really your thing, you can still transform
your summer dress into an autumn appropriate look by adding layers. The most
natural choice would be to add a turtleneck under the dress, like I did for
this look. However, another playful way to do this would be adding a crisp
shirt (printed or plain) to go for a smarter feel. One with big sleeves would
create a really cool effect! If you don’t mind loosing the dress effect, adding
a jumper on top of the dress is a really smart way to keep warm as well. By
doing this, your dress will transform into a cute skirt!

Step 3: Boots made for walking

A combination that I really want to experiment with myself, but I
still have to find the perfect dress/skirt to do this unfortunately. Combining
a low, asymmetrical hem with knee boots just screams autumn 2017. It is a
daring look, one that will definitely turn heads, but I think it just looks
gorgeous. A printed dress and boots in a deep autumn hue (or a bright red pair)
will certainly do the trick. Luckily, socks are having a moment too this
season. Besides the many sock inspired boots, showing the world your actual
socks is considered cool too. Therefore, I decided to wear my favourite flats
paired with some fishnet socks to give the outfit an edgy finish.

What do you think?Will you
give your summer dresses another go before putting them away until next year?

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Photography by @chanelalexis

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