My MOO Businesscards

Throughout my years of blogging, there were times that I thought about making my own business cards. However I never seemed to take the necessary steps to actually create them, perhaps because I never found the designs that I truly liked and thought would fit the blog or because creating business cards does make things a lot more official. 

Somewhere, somehow, something inside me changed. I decided to take my blog more seriously and naturally creating business cards were top of the list of things to do. After browsing the internet for different websites that offer this service, I stumbled upon MOO. Not only do they offer a wide range of creative designs, but they also offer to have your business cards printed on eco-friendly paper!

Although it was quite difficult to settle for just one design, the polaroid-style business cards caught my eye. I think it is a very unique design for a business card, one that people (hopefully) will remember. I also really like that you can choose different images within the same set of cards. 

Looking at my cards now, I am so proud of myself for taking this next step. I have been giving a few out here and there, and I try to always take a few with me wherever I go. Am I going to be that person that shamelessly self promotes? If the time and the place is right, then you bet I am! 

If you are looking into creating your own cards, or are looking for other office supplies I can highly recommend MOO!

Lots of Love,