Trend alert: Eye-catchingly gorgeous

Normally I am not very big on make-up. It’s not that I don’t like make-up, God knows I love to wander around department stores to admire the gorgeous beauty counters, wishing I were able to purchase (and apply) the luxury items. My reality, however, is that apart from not being able to afford these products, I cannot for the life of me stand to wear a full- or even half-face of make-up. Some good old mascara, eyeliner and lipstick is as much as I can tolerate without furiously starting to scratch my nose. Perhaps it’s something psychological that I just have to work out, but all I know is that make-up and I don’t exactly go hand in hand. 


Eyes are the window to the soul

Most of the time the fact that I can’t seem to be capable of wearing these products doesn’t bother me too much. Give me a gorgeous lipstick and I’m a happy girl. However as soon as I saw the brand new make-up trends featured in magazines, on Instagram and blogs I instantly fell in love. It seems like, next to the classic statement lips, the eyes have gained a spotlight as well. A spotlight that even I, a girl who has never (properly) applied eyeshadow before, can’t resist. What I adore about this fresh spring look is that it appears to be a fuzz-free and easy-to-apply technique. How hard can it be to just apply one pastel colour all over your eyes, right? We’ll see how that goes when I’m running late for work… 

All I know is that I’ll be heading to the nearest drugstore in the hope of finding duplicate shades (oh I should probably purchase some brushes as well). Then I’ll be spending most of my spare time practising this look, before finally flaunting it on the streets of London. Spring, here I come! 

Lots of Love,