Tate Britain

There’s isn’t anything quite anything like going for a Sunday stroll in London. I’ve been walking around different areas, just to explore and admire the city and it seems like I will never get tired of this. A few Sundays ago, Paula and I decided to meet halfway in Vauxhall. We walked along the Thames a little bit before we stumbled upon the gorgeous Tate Britain. Like most museums in the city, entrance to the main collection is free of charge.

As soon as you enter this magnificent building you are welcomed by its beautiful interior. The building itself is just as interesting as the art collection. Unlike Tate Modern, Tate Britain is filled with paintings from both historical and modern artists. The paintings tell a story of British history, all the battles that were fought and famous stories that were told back in the day. 

Getting an insight into the past lives always makes me wonder what it was like to be alive then. To dress up so extravagantly every morning, to ride a horse instead of a bike and to have such different habits as we have now. Personally I love history and I feel it is important, especially since you cannot move forward without knowing about at the past. 

Lots of Love,