Hidden Figures: why I am still mad it didn’t win an Oscar

Yes, the Oscars were definitely more inclusive and representative this year. In terms of audience, nominees and winners all bases were covered and (almost) everyone would be able to identify themselves with at least one of the attendees. I salute the Academy Awards for that. 

Regardless of all these positive changes, I am still pretty mad that Hidden Figures, although frequently nominated, did not win an award. I understand that it is always difficult to choose only one, when there are so many great entries (believe me I’ve been there). Still I don’t understand why this particular production was just not good enough? 

Based on true events

First of all the film tells the story of Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan and Mary Jackson; three real women that have overcome indescribable struggles. During the 1960s these three women accomplished ground breaking changes for black women in the segregated US society. All three women worked at NASA and had important roles in the US space program. 

Now here’s what makes this film so marvellous: it’s inclusive for women of colour, and in particular black women, it shows the many struggles that came with living as a minority in a segregated society, it empowers women of colour to believe in themselves and to achieve their goals despite being disadvantaged, but most importantly it tells a true story that has enabled further development into the society that we live in today. 

The production was incredible

Besides these historically, socially and politically important aspects, the costumes are incredible (if you’re a 60s fashion-lover like me, the acting was touching and the production was very cleverly executed. Hidden Figures has also received an incredible response, mostly by young girls of colour that felt empowered to pursue their dreams since they have gained role models that they can actually relate to. 

Isn’t this one of the most beautiful things a film can do? To inspire an entire generation/community to pursue their dreams and to show them that anything is possible as long as you believe in yourself. At least I know that I always appreciate films that do, and therefore I am very disappointed that Hidden Figures didn’t receive the credits it deserved. 

If you haven’t seen this film before I highly recommend you do, it is important to see things from different perspectives and Hidden Figures definitely gives that much needed unconventional perspective. 

Lots of Love,