The Year in Posts: A Day in London

How could I possibly end the major throwback without a shoutout to my happy-place: London? Right, I couldn’t. This year, I once again squeezed in a short but sweet visit to this lovely city. Remember when I went there for a day? I did it again! 

Every now and then I ask myself how I survive that tiring journey, my mom and I were so exhausted after we arrived home. We slept the entire day! Although I was strong the first time and resisted buying any of the items in the Platform 9 3/4 shop, this time round I gave in and got myself a gorgeous Gryffindor scarf that I wear very proudly. 

Looking back at all the fun things I did this year makes it quite difficult to believe the year has already come to an end. I will be spending New Years Eve in Stockholm, which you will read about very soon. After our little getaway, I will (hopefully) hand in my dissertation and start my internship in London! If I could’ve told myself that I will be living and working in London around the time I went to visit the city for a day, I would have probably laughed in my own face! 

Nevertheless this year’s ending is also quite a bittersweet one, as I am starting a new chapter in my life. My days in a classroom are as good as over, all that’s left is the internship and then I’ll be graduating. However what unsettles me most is the fact that I have to say goodbye to most of my friends, all of us come from different countries and we will probably not be together in the same place for a long time. Despite these sad realities, I know for a fact that we all have a very bright future ahead of us and that our paths will cross again. Either way, we will stay in touch. 

For now, I wish everyone a blessed, healthy and happy new year! 

Lots of Love,